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Embracing True Love and Happiness during the Holidays.

During the Holiday season many people feel sad and alone.  This is also the case for many in love and Soulmate relationships.

Being Alone, Depressed and Lonely During the Holidays, soulmates need each other especially during the holidays
Soulmate Energy

We all want to feel love during the holidays. But unfortunately, over the years we’ve allowed the commercialism to take over the true meaning of the Christmas season, love became buried in the image of Santa, expensive gifts, other holiday activities.

The feelings of love makes us believe we must be in a romantic relationship for the Christmas eve and day, it’s the love vibration .

For those in love relationships, the actual relationship may not fulfill the feeling of love,  that is usually expressed during the holidays, and these are the same frustrating feelings of loneliness, even though they may be together during the Holidays.

Christmas is the time of the year for expressing what is in your heart, we give gifts and share our love. You can attach any type of meaning to it. There are some people who don’t exchange gifts with their Soulmate, lovers and partners during the holidays season, not because of any religious beliefs but create excuses for the lack of giving with the one person who is the closest to you in world. We have  heard them all before,.

“Christmas is only for kids.”

“I don’t know what they want.”

“I don’t want to spend money.”

“We don’t celebrate any of the holidays.”

These are some of the excuses for not exchanging gifts, and it goes on and on, it’s sad but true.  The exchanging of gifts is so much more than trading material items, it’s about the loving energy attached your gift. Vibrations of love. A few things to understand from the true perspective of the Soulmate relationship.

 “Christmas is for kids.”

The true holiday spirit is not just for young people. It is far too common for anyone to stop celebrating the Holidays because it takes a lot of time and too much effort. The Holidays are a loving time for all of us to make an effort to share, celebrate and love. Putting all the electronics and toys of this virtual world aside, to be present with the ones you love in this reality of the world. Our lives are meant to be lived as an amazing adventure and having the opportunity to celebrate really allows us to enjoy everything in our own way.

Every child deserves a great Christmas holiday, but you do too (me too). We always put the kids first, When it comes to gift giving, my husband (and Soulmate) is at the top of my list. I can’t imagine going through the holiday season without giving him gifts. A  true Soulmate wants to make their partner happy because that is what brings them both happiness. It isn’t just the gift giving either, but the planning and celebratory experience. time off to spend with each other, Holiday special treats and a delicious holiday family dinner at mom’s house, Christmas movies (Elf and Christmas vacation are my favorites), candlelight, and enjoying wine, chocolate strawberries, cheese  and crackers on the sofa are just some of the ways to connect and enjoying the holiday moments.

“I don’t know what they want.”

If are you having a difficult time figuring out what they want as a gift, it’s not a real issue, Soulmates know each other inside and out,but trying to figure out the perfect gift can be challenging and it becomes stressful.

A Soulmate can find it exciting more than stressful to find out what  do this for the other. If you having an extremely difficult time to know what your soulmate wants, try a few gift cards with a beautiful card, there is no stress here and you can find them at any grocery store, drugstore or send in email.


“I don’t want to spend money.”

I can understand this one. Yes times are tough for many of us all over the world. Try planning ahead and collecting the gift cards months ahead of time, when there is a will there is way.


“We don’t celebrate any of the holidays.”

If there is no religious type of reason I have to say this reason is sad, Soulmates feel love and the energy of the Holidays ignites their spirits together, when they are resistant towards love and emotions, the Holidays can become tough and they will try everything in their power to avoid participating in the Holiday 2014 season.

When Soulmates and Twinflames are apart during the Holiday season, they can become very angry and bitter that many find themselves falling into depression and settle into this negative feeling towards Christmas and new year’s.

Soulmates can go through many life challenges and especially during the holiday season with each other, this is why they need to be strong and enjoy the joys of the Holiday spirit.

Soulmate and Twinflames are extremely excited for the holiday season. They want to celebrate the love and spread joy all around them. Keeping that special magic at this special time of the year.  They exchange gifts to each other expressing their love.

They enjoy making cookies, listening to Christmas music, and feeling young at heart, enjoying eggnog and wine. They hold the feeling of excitement with receiving as giving.

Soulmates enjoy this time of year to bring their love vibrations to higher energy levels as they fill up their heart chakra with love for each another.

Soulmates and Twinflames have a deeper sense of peace and contentment for finding the one, Twinflames are the other half of each other,.

Open your heart this 2014 Holiday season, if you are with or with out your Soulmate, don’t grow bitter towards the most wonderful and amazing times of the year.

Christmas is the birth of Christ – Representing Love – start sending the positive love vibration, sharing love with others all around you, people need love. Don’t be afraid to shine your light – Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Happy July 4th 2014

Happy July 4th 2014
Happy July 4th 2014

This is the month of Summer celebrations for many countries around the World.

Happiness starts deep inside your spirit and only you can make that energy happen, stop looking at the past of why things happenend the way they did and start opening the door to a new and prosporous future in your life, July4th is a happy time in the summer and it is that time to start celebrating, taking time out for yourself!

Let’s all celebrate and enjoy with family, the Summer fun activities, This is a time to have fun and enjoy your time and energy with your family and friends, keep yourself positive to new beginnings!

Bright Blessings for a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

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