Clearing Chakras & Spiritual Energy with Positivity

First you must clear your spiritual energy system

Chakra Energy

Over the last week I have received many questions about the previous post and was asked several questions, I decided to create a continuance of my previous post and attracting your Soulmate with positive energy.

Our everyday thoughts have energy that can instantly impact our energy system. Did you ever feel a sudden surge of energy around your stomach during an uncomfortable conversation with someone?

This is your third chakra, the area of spiritual power and it became blocked because of the negative energy from that person.  Just like if you were around your soulmate or twinflame and your heart was full of love,  this is because your heart chakra felt your thoughts and was opening, magnifying the heart chakra.

The same with sadness can bring a closed or blocked chakra in different areas of your life and especially from our past. This happens when we produce the energy that makes us feel good, we will attract the similar type of energy to us. When we are at peace and feeling the most positive this will be the most effective time to manifest anything that we want in our life.

Your energy creates positive love vibrations and will attract your soul connection (please read my previous post about attracting your soulmate with positive energy). This will create for you a clear and broad path to a new job, new house, abundance with love, what ever you need it will manifest.

Sometimes the spiritual energy requires repair, this is the time you need to take things slow and start meditating on positive thoughts along with saying positive affirmations every day.

Positive energyEvery thought, your feelings and vibes balance your aura, the psychic energy field surrounds your body. Our aura is our own personal energy that is with you 24/7, attracting both positive and negative experiences. This spiritual energy runs through our chakras. The seven chakras influence how we feel about our life and act to manifest it for the future.

The Crown Chakra

At the very top of our head, this is where the Divine Self connects to the human and we receive  the spiritual wisdom to the higher light. when there is blockage with the crown chakra, this may hold us back or preventing our manifestation process.

The Third Eye

Located in between the eyes,  this is where we receive spiritual awareness. A clear third eye we will ready for new beginnings, but if our third eye is not clear, we will not feel or absorb new energy and will remain at a standstill.

The Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is open, we can speak our truth  more freely, connecting with others. When the throat chakra is blocked, the spiritual energy it can become like a dominoes effect and spread to another chakra and create blocked energy.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is emotional and can become clog very easily. When ever the heart chakra is blocked, we feel sadness but when it’s open feel extreme happiness. Any time there is closed heart chakra, it will prevent us from connecting with loved ones and hold on to past hurts. When we release the hurt, we will be able to forgiveness and love again, we  need attract this first for the love we want in our relationships.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, located  just above the belly button, this chakra helps us to manifest of who we are, all of our visions and goals for the future. This is where we hold our and use our own power to move forward. When it’s blocked, it will weaken us and need help with our self security.

The Sacral Chakra

This the second chakra, located under the belly button, is where we feel and attract energy to us and bring fullfulment your emotions and sexuality. When the second chakra become blocked we feel guilty, or fearful. When it is clear, we can embrace changes, attracting what we want.

The Root Chakra

Located at the bottom of the spine, this chakra is about spiritual grounding and support for all the chakras. If it’s blocked, this can bring fears with survival and attracting positive energy makes anything  with manifestation difficult.

Soulmate Chakra healing

Spiritual energy enters through the mind and meditation helps the spirit and mind become more focused to receive  energy, there are distractions in the mind – anxiety, negative thoughts, fear, stress, and negative feelings.

Now when you meditate on positive energy, this will help align the chakras and the body to become one.

This will help the physical and spiritual to receive positive energy and to help in healing.

Try to increase meditation energy into your body, focusing on breathing through the root chakra, absorb positive pure energy from earth. This will promote energy healing that will give us grounding support.  Just like a regular exercise (weight training, aerobics, yoga and Zumba) this a fantastic exercise for your body.

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  1. I love this article, I need to get my chakra aligned and need to focus on positive energy, this article helped me to see things clearer.

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