True meaning behind your dreams ~ Psychic Visions

Dreaming of future events and situation are precognitive dreams
My clients have been asking me for year now how to further develop this spiritual gift and interpreting the hidden messages?

The main Purpose of having Precognitive Dreams

A dream like this may show something disturbing that might happen if you continue on that path you are on.  You can also experience the consequences and unpleasantness in your dreams and this will allow you to correct and make other choices, to avoid the negative outcome in your dream. The dream may or may not happen.

The second area of having precognitive dreams is to let you know that you are on the right path, like a confirmation from spirit.

Dreams like this are about how you see yourself in different place. The details of these dreams are very specific and vivid.

Then later in that dream or in another continuance dream, you see yourself in that same situation, in the exact area and surroundings, with the people in your dream who where in your last dream, similar to soap opera.  You may get the same exact feeling as you did in last your dream, like a “déjà vu” feeling.

This has happened before
This is a very common type of dream that has actually happened to me many of times.  I often dream of myself in a far away land, also in a very old large house, also walking down a city street. I never saw before only my dreams, I remember every detail; there are always unusual activities in this dream and then it stops for a while. Several months later, again, I see myself in the house from that very same dream or back on that city street, exploring the area, with another strange spiritual feeling of “déjà vu”.

Being chased
A dream that people often feel where they are being chased by negativity ranging from people, animals and even Zombies or monsters that want to harm or kill you. These types of dreams typically represent the people who are currently interacting with you, in your current life.
Being chased in your dreams often results from the feeling of anxiety, paranoia and depression that I can trigger.

Seeing a death or feeling like you are dying in a dream is very general and can represent a positive or negative event that may happen in your life. Sometimes, these dreams indicate a desire you have where you need to escape a current situation that is causing stress.

Falling in a dream
The feeling of falling in a dream is another common dream. Falling is an experience at a time that you’re beginning to get deeper into asleep, which can also cause a sudden awakening motion. These dreams indicate several things. It is only a myth that once you hit the ground you die. When you are falling you are out of control but nothing to grab onto, it means currently that you need to get a handle on. This could a very stressful situation or just overwhelmed with activities, you need to take it slow and watch where you’re going.

The feeling of flying
The feeling that you get when you’re flying in a dream can be very overpowering but also very frightening, depending on what type of area you are in your dream. These types of sensations happen when you are trying to escape from something and usually you would just fly like a bird; they are very enjoyable when you are in the air, very positive. This also indicates that you feel in control over this situation in your life but need to understand that you can’t run away, you have to deal with the problem itself. You are setting up goals and you’re feeling stuck but you need to take care of it and figure it out.

Completely naked.
These types of dreams usually occur when there is a shame and embarrassment, but don’t necessarily mean that you will be stuck with no clothing in real life. These types of dreams indicate that you need to protect yourself and not cover anything up cause you will be exposed. The feeling that you got in your dream actually becomes a reality, so be very cautious.

The feeling of being paralyzed
These types of dreams are very interesting and usually occur at the beginning of awakening hours. These dreams also sometimes have many spiritual meanings behind them and most likely do not have negative effects but sometimes you may see spiritual energy… and that can be a little scary. The first thing to do is not relax, you may not be able to move and this feeling can be very scary. Just carefully say to yourself that it is only a dream and you need to get up, using all your strength, get wake yourself up!

Lucid Dreams
A lucid dream is a spiritual between a dream and a lucid, out of body projection experience. These are times during some of us can manage to gain lucidity and can be confusing to our mind. This is why it reacts by trying to modify incomprehensible to its analysis situations.  It tries to fill the missing pieces with spiritual images that actually transform this experience into a more plausible to us. This way our brain brings in reality with our dreams creating what is called a lucid dreams.

There are so many accounts of spiritual lucid dreams and what is so fascinating about this experience is the dreamer manages to control of most of the dream.

In order to understand how exactly the dreams manifest, let’s say you woke up one morning and remembered you were flying in your dream. As you remember more details about that dream, you assume that you were on an airplane, but there was no cabin seats, wings, engines or other passengers. All you remember is only what you can see through the windows, this is because your brain is trying to find the most accurate interpretation for your flying dream. Interestingly many people wouldn’t normally understand the depth into their dream recollections; this would easily disregard that experience as another dream about flying.

Psychic Dreams
People with psychic dreams can psychically look into projected time line from a dream state and pick up and see events that are to occur on the timeline.  When looking over a few of the stories of some of my clients reporting their spiritual and psychic dreams that usually come to pass on a regular basis, this is what is consider a psychic dream

One way to track any of your spiritual, psychic or any of the dreams mentioned in the blog is to keep a dream journal next to your bed. It will help to understand and knowing the differences in the details of your dream and trying to control your dreams, you too may have psychic dreams.

Periodically, review all your dream records. It’s not all psychic dreams are cataclysmic or intense traumatic events. You may have a type of dream that you forget about, only to occur three to four months down the road. Make notes in your dream journal to see if your dreams come true.
Get a Confirmation

The best way to confirm if your dreams are truly psychic is to contact an Experienced Psychic to discuss it. The Psychic can confirm all your information that are coming through, putting your mind at ease. The Psychic can help you to understand what these types of dreams mean.

This is very important information, especially if it is a negative or this experience is frightening. An experienced psychic can put your mind at ease and make sense of the psychic experiences you are feeling, Psychic Ann has been a Gifted born clairvoyant for over 30 years and will help you clarify any dream you are having. There are hidden messages and interpreting dreams session will unlock issues, life, lovers, Soulmates/ Twinflame energies also past, present, future and events to take control of your future.

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  1. I found this blog to be very interesting, i do how ever have a few questions about this one particular dream.
    It starts off that I’m in this certain city too (like you mentioned) and every night I too continue to see a different area, I also have a family and a husband with kids but I’m single and have never been married or have any children.

    Is this combined with events meant to come as you said a “psychic dream” can predict future events and my life to be.
    I looked through the internet psychic sites, dream books, I have even had a past life session to see if it was in my past life and it wasn’t, I never found any answers until I came accross your blog.

    Please help, let me know also I would like to purchase a psychic session with you.

    1. Yes your dream is the series of a psychic dream and though you may not dream the actual family you will have, you are having flashes of events that will occur in your future. Everyone is different and maybe your dream may be similar to the one I mentioned, it is unique and I would need to read you. For readings click here

      Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Over the last few months, I have followed and read your blog, I love all your articles and information, please continue to post more.

  3. I’ve been to many Psychics and spiritualists in my life, some were pretty good. I’ve also been to a Psychic medium and an psychic dream analyst. But Ann has been working with me for the past 3 weeks a series of dreams I’ve been having, she has given me so much clarity with the meditations than all the spiritualists I’ve been too,I wish I found her sooner, it would saved me 1,000s….She is the best.

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  5. I have psychic dreams and visions and I don’t understand the point. For example…I “saw” a wrought iron fence. I forgot about it because it was so insignificant. Weeks later, I was on a trip to Scotland and we drove past the wrought iron fence that I “saw” in a vision. I was so shaken, I asked my friend to stop the car. I looked at the fence and it was EXACTLY how I saw it, in detail.

    I don’t know why someone/something would “show” me a fence weeks before. The vision didn’t give me any clue I was going to Scotland so I don’t understand the point. It didn’t help me or warn me or anything. This type of thing happens to me frequently and I don’t understand why or what is the point. Any comments would help.

  6. It hasn’t happened recently but the past few years I kept having a couple dreams of being in a work environment I at first don’t recognize and with people I don’t know that are blurry and I sometimes wake up confused cause it’s like a dream about what looks like a normal everyday dream that you can just dismiss which I did.. but then I started a new job about a year in a half later where I kept having a lot of deja vu incidents in the work environment where I start to recognize the exact details of what I had in my dreams. In my dreams I remember being around one individual who I at first can’t see cause his image is blurry but I know it’s a guy but once I got used to the routine of the place I worked at I see deja vu again but I can see the individual is one of my managers who’s a few years older than me. Once I got to know him I started having what feels like a crush and a deep care for the guy but the downside to that is that he claims he’s into men and my feelings have gotten in the way of my own relationship sometimes.. Last year we somewhat separated to where I left my job to where I had those dreams and he at first was let go but gave him another chance when things started going bad and I still visited. He and his General Manager relocated to a different store to try to fix the store back up to look like their store across from the job I used to work at and I needed a second job so I got my old job back. Few months later he got transferred back to the old store to help out the GM that didn’t exactly know what she was doing separating us again and the store I worked at had a lot of people on staff so my hours were being cut and the store my manager got transferred back to needed more people and I got transferred to work there again. Now today we’re still working together and have become close friends over the years. Not sure if you can tell me or help me better understand my dream better cause to this day I’m still questioning it.

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