What exactly are Chakras?

chakras healing psychic energy
chakras healing

It’s entirety of the spiritual body and is a perfect reflection of our beliefs, emotions and thoughts. It is the manifestation of our inner beliefs on who we are.

When we are in this present dream (our life) we then continue on the spiritual path of awakening into truth of who we actually all are.

The body and energy we experience is a representation of what we believe to be the truth about our self although generally, most of our beliefs are in the unconscious mind.

The chakra center is like a energetic motors within the emotional / mental / physical energy field that we usually identify as me. Each of the 7 chakras relates to a different area of our lives.

Each of one of our chakras is governed by our true beliefs about ourselves in the area of our life that the chakra relates too.

For example, the root chakra is our sense of connection with other people, also as survival issues. If a someone believes they are not safe with no trust, this chakra will tend to be off balance and not connection with the other 6 chakras. This can also affect the organs in the area of the root chakra, (the sex organs).

An imbalance in your Chakras means that your Chakras are over active and some are under active. There are many people that  mistakenly think Chakra balancing and Chakra healing means opening the Chakras, the keyword is balance.

Since each of the 7 Chakras receive and transmit energy (which opens into psychic, spiritual emotional and physical energy) having it too much or too little may effect the way we think, feel and act, for example, too little energy flow through the Heart Chakra will translate into a hard hearted and cold with a selfish personality, just as too much energy flow through the Heart Chakra will translate into a person with a bleeding heart, someone who’s very generous and compassionate  that can be taken advantage of.

You might find that balancing the Chakras will actually provide a more spiritual, psychic and emotional relief than opening a Chakra.

Some people may not understand or even reject it, is that we are not alone, opening the Chakras is a primary means for energy vampires, either the people we can see, or the people we can not see, they can attach to us draining our energy also manipulate our thoughts and our emotions, this is why balancing  the Chakras is equally as important as opening your Chakras.

Finding the perfect balance between chakra to Universal energies, keeping up our energetic boundaries is the main purpose of Chakra balancing, cleansing and also Chakra healing.

While being with in touch with reality and the the Universe is the ideal state of Being along with the ultimate spiritual goal, take your time,  first you will need to learn the difference between yourself, our Universe, and others, some may not be as spiritually advanced as you are, and will only drain you, if you allow their energetic influence.

The Meanings of the 7 Chakras

 Root Chakra
This chakra is at the spinal base. Instincts of survival, sexuality, also stability of individual. Symbolized by the color red, the element earth, it is material success, vitality, security if balanced.
Navel Chakra
Located by the navel, this chakra is the  emotional instinct and reproduction. Symbolized by the color orange and it’s element is water, it is essential for harmony, tolerance in love and soulmate relationships.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Located towards the bottom of the rib cage, this chakra is solar plexus, pancreas, the digestive system and also nervous system. Symbolized by the color yellow and it’s element is fire, it acts upon a more disciplined approach to life.

Heart Chakra
An between of top and bottom chakras, this is a chakra of emotional love. It is the emotional energy system, green and pink is its color and its element is air.

Throat Chakra
Located at the throat, this chakra is the wellness of any organ connected with the throat and gives the complete expression through speech.

Psychic Chakra – Third Eye
Located at the forehead’s center in between your eyes, this third eye determines the individual’s psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

Crown Chakra
On top of the crown of the head, this chakra influences the capacity to connect with the higher and Supreme force.

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Ann has also assisted others in dream interpretation she has had many prophetic dreams since childhood and has completed many courses.

Ann a dedicated spiritualist, psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, healer She communicates closely with the angelic realms. She also uses tarot, numerology in her readings.

Psychic practiced Reiki healings and treatments face to face, long distant healings, also via the telephone. Psychic Ann has assisted people locally, as well as interstate and overseas healing spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and provides both spiritual and psychic guidance to help her clients on their true spiritual path to deepen their spiritual understanding.

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