Flower Full Moon – Spiritual Mystical Scorpio

On May 03 will be the most intense and karmic full Moons (Scorpio) of 2015.

This is a energy Moon and best for detoxing your body – Clearing it of toxins that will empower you spiritually. It will give you a clear vision with an open mind and a strong body. Also an excellent time to start eating clean, start a new fitness program or exercise, you will  have more energy and motivation to be consistent.

This is a very spiritual Scorpio Full Moon.  It will focus you on your self-worth where the sun in Taurus will remind you to cherish and appreciate what you have. The Taurus Sun looks comfort, security and acceptance for who you are.

The Moon represents our deepest emotions and will describe the way we feel about everything. When there is Moon a full in Scorpio, especially  with the Moon opposes the Sun in Taurus (the mate to Scorpio).

Scorpio Full Moon is an intense moon of all, because Scorpio is an extremist; it’s all or nothing.

The full moon in Scorpio is the time for renewal for us.  Many things are changing and it’s time for regeneration.  It’s a time to heal the past – shedding old skin.

Scorpio is a psychic powerful sign, along with a Full moon that is in Scorpio will definitely bring out spiritual energy, visions and dreams will be more intense, even if your not a Scorpio. This is the best time for a psychic spiritual experience. You temper might be heightened as well, causing emotional bursts. This can be felt 3 days before the full moon and also 3 days after.

Everyone’s emotions will be more intense and many issues can come out. It’s best to hold off any arguments or feeling of deep discussions until after the full moon.

This is also a great time to explore sexuality.

Channeling this energy into a sensual experience,not in a negative way.  Sex and the Spirit are connected, this is a time to feel sexier and more attractive, it will help your spirit become uplifted.

Remember during this full moon in Scorpio the energy will be intensified, along with egos inflated and a deeper need for your relationship, especially If you are apart from your soulmate. Love and Romance get really intense under a Full Moon.

When the moon is full in Scorpio, we become accustomed to the mysterious influences this is when our psychic antennas are activated. It’s an excellent time to seek assistance from the divine and meditate to gently release from inner negativity. Spiritual and Emotional Power is the main focus during this time.

The full moon in Scorpio influence is intense, Spiritual, psychic, secretive, emotional, sexual, sensitive powerful, loving, and mysterious especially feeling these effects for Scorpios and Taureans (I am a Scorpio with Taurus Ascending).

The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio is a great opportunity plant seeds before Mother’s day and start embracing the spring energy before Summer.

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