How Mercury Retrograde effects Soulmates

Mercury retrogrades can be tougher on all relationships. This isn't the best time for starting a new relationship, it will eventually make the relationship become chaotic and with no understanding of each other

Mercury Retrograde is back!  May 18 until June 11, 2015

This one lasts for about 3 weeks, but there is a shadow phase of two weeks before and after the actual retrograde. During the shadow phase, the effects start showing signs that it is about to go in retrograde and was just retrograde.

The retrogrades will affect us all differently; This one is in Gemini the ruler of Gemini is Mercury, making it a more intense retrograde for communication and new business. We hear it all the time how negative this time is and everyone dreading it like if it was the plague, but it’s not as bad as you may think.

There is also a positive side to mercury retrograde, this is best the time for  re organizing, re thinking and reflecting on past situations. Looking at the world in a different perspective – through a filtered energy can create some important Spiritual revelations.

Mercury retrograde can bring a heightened inner awareness – especially with meditation, psychic energy. You can benefit writing in a journal, reviewing past projects and reworking on previous plans.

There are often breaks in the mechanical area, causing many of our communication gadgets to go hay wire, so this is the perfect opportunity to actually go back to the basics of when we didn’t have modern technology.

We should all try it, what if there was an unexpected power outage forcing us to be off the computer, no cells or tablets and having no TV, this is a great time to find other satisfying ways to entertain ourselves with our families, we all come to depend on smart phones and computers. Remember Board games and Puzzles?

It’s important to know that there is no reason to suspend planned projects or anything if you are obligated during the Mercury Retrograde period. But it isn’t an ideal time to start up new projects or to sign a contract, just because a change of mind is possible when Mercury turns direct.

This is a great time to do some thinking of new ideas and projects but acting on these ideas, would be best after the Mercury retrograde period.

This isn’t the best time to try to figure everything out in your life. Mercury is the planet of communication, things will be slower, more difficult, our ability to understand, communicate with our deepest emotional feelings and thoughts. This is will be the most powerful retrograde of this year since its rules Gemini.

Love and Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades can be tougher on all relationships. Long distance have a difficult time with their communication devices, also This isn’t the best time for starting a new relationship, it will eventually make the relationship become chaotic and with no understanding of each other, if you are just starting a new love relationship, take it slow.

It’s also not a great time to have serious discussion with your soulmate, spouse or romantic partner.  When ever there is communication, it can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Having a serious talk can create an argument and conflict. If this happens, take a step back to prevent further damage in your discussion which could lead to words being said that you will regret later.

Now on a positive note, any breakup that happens during a retrograde are not usually permanent. I see it all the time that after the retrograde most of all broken relationships reunite.

So if you and your soulmate get into major argument leading to  ending the love relationship, most likely you both will get back together.

Another interesting thing usually happens during a retrograde, is when past soulmates, exes, love interests, also other people from our past, enter in our lives again.

If you have someone who is still in your heart (even if its been years), the chance of them returning are increased during Mercury retrograde period.

Try not to make any important moves or decisions when Mercury is retrograde. Nothing can be settled completely or successfully for the future during the retrograde – you will find it impossible to complete a plan.

We have a New moon – the powerful moon in Taurus that occurs right on the same day when Mercury retrograde begins,  Taurus is the ruled by Venus and there’s a very strong loving influence on relationships with this retrograde, specifically love, romance, and especially on all a soulmate connections.

Soulmates and twinflames are fully aware and find a stronger connection between them along with the experiences they feel in the retrograde. Its best not to think or take any thing to serious, the connection can be felt more intense than other times, for many of us this will mean being drawn to the people we feel the strongest — the love relationships feels a gravitational energy and is as strong as the moon.

Try to make the best of this time with mercury retrograde

Finishing old projects during the spring time and the New Moon with Taurus energy, focusing on your consciousness and building in your body to be more healthy.

Try walking out during also try a  yoga class, get into weight or resistance training to build lean healthy muscle mass (you won’t bulk), or find a Zumba class and enjoy the fun of dance even you don’t know how.  Taking time to prepare a healthy and clean meal that will nourish your body and soul.

Being involved with the body, will remind us of how our emotions greatly affect our health and well being Mercury retrograde is a difficult time for some but having this awareness with you through the coming month and you survive mercury retrograde.

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