Q & A with Soulmates and Twin flames connections Part 6

Soulmates & Twin Flames – Questions & Answers

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1. How do you know if someone is your one and only soulmate?

This is very popular question I’m asked every day and I have explained it in a previous videos but I will explain it again. Soulmates is a big word and we have so many soulmates in our lives as I’m sure you are of soulmates.

When you meet someone, you will feel and know there is a divine connection, but not knowing exactly what type of connection right off the bat.

There is something that triggers off and in and enlightenment inside of you that draws you towards that person, whether it be a soulmate, karmic, past lives or the twin flame connection.

The one thing you want to remember is you don’t want to go looking for a specific type of Soulmate and even there I wouldn’t even call it as I’m searching for my soulmate, you can pick through different soulmates types and choose your true soulmate.

But actually looking for the right person that can complement my soul and bring me to a higher level in my life, this is where our mindset needs to be not as in I’m going to pick out what type of soulmate”.

Trying to figure out the ideal soulmate, you will find yourself in total confusion on everyone you meet and not everybody is a soulmate and not everybody is spiritually connected to you.

Although we do need more than one throughout a lifetime it’s best to keep your mind open in this area, instead keeping your mind open on everyone you meet even if you’re not drawn to that person sometimes they can lead you in the right direction to finding your soul companion.

2. What are the signs to look out for?

OK there are so many different types of signs that people get when they meet their soulmate or if they are coming close to a reunion.

The most common one that I know of is the numbers 11:11 popping up everywhere you go, and whenever you look at phones, clocks, microwaves, license plates, Receipts and etc. there will be a time when the numbers pop up so much that you pay attention to it so much that you may think you’re going crazy but you’re not, this is all part of the universe giving you a sign that you need to be aware something is about to awaken in your life spiritually.

Also you may get that person’s name being mentioned on TV, radio, a billboard Ad and etc. also dreams and visions also play a part of certain signs coming through.

I always say it’s a good idea to journal and write down everything that you may get that you can refer to it at a later time to understand it better.

3. Is there a way metaphysically to reunite with your twin flame if they are a runner? If so how is it possible

There’s no real way of metaphysically trying to reunite with your twin flame outside of your physical body, you may telepathically and spiritually connect with your twin flame, but you need to be in this physical world in order to reunite especially if they are running, and this is a whole different topic altogether, we are runners deep inside, but not running from their twin but actually running from something deep inside usually caused and usually triggered by an emotional event or from a negative life experience, this is like I said a whole different topic and I have explained before.

4. If you meet your twin flame in this lifetime, what happens when you die? Do you spend eternity together?

Twin flames are one spirit split into two and from the best of my knowledge with twin flames.

They are together in the afterlife, they go through our lifetimes trying to be together in the physical world, sometimes it doesn’t always happen and they are separated for whatever reason to only return back into another lifetime to try to make this divine union.

The whole point with twin flames are that they need closeness and unite in order to correct and help their society and environment together as a couple.

There is a mission that twin flames have it’s not about them just having a beautiful romantic relationship together,

There is so much more that happens and they become a power couple, set out to he’ll and help the world that we live in. So there is so much more beyond the twin flame connection and just having the divine reunion.

5. Do soulmates come back to earth together and find each other again?

Yes and no, sometimes it doesn’t always work out the way we would like, many times there are different cases where twin flames incarnate in this lifetime but totally different ages where it’s not possible that they can find themselves even in any type of relationship.

Also there are some who are not ready to meet up with their other half and it can skip a lifetime going to the next, this is the number one reason, I say do not go looking for your one of your soulmates, twin flame or any type of soulmate because you don’t know what destiny has in store for you and you need to focus on where the universe is guiding you and why are you being lead otherwise you may miss it.

That one person that you didn’t want go on a date with, thinking that this person is not anything spiritual, can have have lead you into the right direction to meet the person that you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with regardless if it’s your compatible, true soulmate or your twin flame.

Always have an open mind when it comes to meeting new people, they don’t always have to generate a spark but most of the time they do and when they do this is when you know you have to go for it!

6. How many lifetimes can it take to find one of your soulmates or your twinflame?

It can go on more than once and I can’t give an exact number since this is something that happens repeatedly and nobody can see the true meaning of why we continue to reincarnate lifetime after lifetime.

It’s never good to investigate what everything was in your previous lives but focusing on the here and now is the best way to accomplish and reach your goal with your soul mate.


7. Why is there a 20 year age difference between me and my twin flame and would we still coming to union?


Having an age difference is very common with twin flames. Also culture along with different backgrounds, marital status.

You have to remember you both are brought into this world to explore and find the true meaning of your lives and missions together, sometimes it may be harder than other times for people living far away from each other and having age differences.

As long as you two are still on this earth together that energetic pull is constantly trying to bring you both together into one spirit.

8. Can I cut the ties from my twin flame or from one of your Soulmates?


It would be impossible to say “I just don’t want to be with my twin there’s just too much drama associated with it”. There’s nothing that can actually disconnect or cut them from each other.

As far as the negativity goes this is always associated with twin flames and many people can freak out when they hear that they are twin flames, because of the chaotic energy that is associated with them but that is not something to be scared about it’s all part of the process.

When twin flames are in the runner and chaser phase the chaser usually is the one that wants to disconnect more than the runner.

Since the runner is running there in a denial state of mind that they are afraid to except, where the chaser is awaken but hurting because of the separation of their other half, many times going through a place where they want to just totally disconnect and cut the ties will not work.

No matter what you try to do when you both are still on this earth with your other half that energy of force is trying to bring you to constantly together, sometimes longer times than others and there is no one that can actually give out a time frame of when that union is going to happen.

I know it’s not with many want to hear but it’s the truth and you need to do whatever it takes to get your mind from analyzing it.

9. Is it possible for a chaser to permanently chase the runner away?

Chasers are not the ones that are chasing the Runner away, always remember there’s nothing you can do that’s going to disconnect or cut the ties with the runner and cause them to run away.

This is all something more spiritual that they’re feeling and their conscience mind, and cannot except what the spiritual side is bringing into their life.

Like I said before twin flames meet up it’s the most powerful and intense experience that you will ever have with someone.

It just doesn’t stop from there they’re running can only go on for so long I know sometimes that can be years and I know people don’t want to hear this.

But it’s better to understand your twin and know that they are working on themselves in a different way then you need to work on yourself, they are the one that is running but not running from you but something inside of them.

Everyone is different and I can’t speak why everyone runs being a runner doesn’t mean that I know why we run I just can help people understand that they are not running from their other half but something more internal.


10. When are soulmates unions most likely to happen?


There’s no really telling exactly when they are reunited, but an awakening usually happens to the stronger vessel of the soulmates twin flame connection.

The awakening most likely happens when there is something that many call opening of the soul and can be triggered by a major life changing event.

Me being the runner, I’ve actually awoken one knowing that my twin was leaving back to his country France and the thought of never ever seeing him again scared me to the point to awakening to the truth.

Now not everybody’s going to have the exact experience, But this awakening can happen at any given moment so there is no way to predict or give an exact time of when that event will occur.

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