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Psychic Reading Reviews from previous clients sharing their experience with Ann Elizabeth.

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Reviews from Clients sharing their experience with their psychic reading.

01/04/2017: Tanuka – Dear Anne, I have done one email and one chat reading with you and I love your pure and honest energy. Besides being highly intuitive and accurate you have a nurturing quality that draws me to you repeatedly. Thank you for your kind gift.

12/04/2017:  Keisha – I consulted Ann during a very confusing and trying time of my life. I had a very strong connection with someone but I didn’t understand why the dynamics of it were the way they were. I happened to come across the concepts of twin flames when I was searching for answers to find out if I was crazy or not. I decided to get an email reading from Ann to see if this person was a twin flame, false twin flame, or if I was just plain crazy  😊 Well, he is my twin flame. We have had a complicated friendship/relationship, but from Ann’s reading I was not only able to understand better his perspective but I was also advised on the steps I need to take both for myself and for a reunion. As she said, he did come back into my life..not in a romantic way, at least not yet, but in just the way we need to be right now as we both still have our own healing to do. So if you’re confused about your love life, do not hesitate to talk to Ann because she is not only accurate, but her predictions also do come true. Love and Light.

07/14/2016: Maggie – Anne you are amazing and have helped me find out about the runner and chaser twinflames and soothed my soul your wonderful

07/10/2016: Adrienne – Thank you a hundred times over. I needed this!

05/11/2016: Tina – Ann, Thank you again for a wonderful reading. It gives me some insight to what he is thinking. I am learning to be patient and wait for when he is ready but sometimes it can seem like it will never happen. Thank you again for the prompt response. It was within a few hours of my request. This is my 3 reading and every one of them have been a positive reading and telling me to be patient and wait and things will come together. Can’t wait to be able to tell you that we are together like you said. Thank you again Ann

05/11/2016: – Aliza – Hello, Ann I’m glad I came to you in time! I thank you for the wonderful service you are providing on your website. After receiving your precise and to the point reading about my twinflame issues, I have been using your blog as a reference for questioning my issue in depth and I must say that your professional experience taught me how to relate to the problem in the right way, with Love, Love, and Lot of Love! I feel home. Best regards, Aliza

05/09/2016: Lesley – Hi Ann, I received my first email reading from you, which was delivered very quickly, and it resonated SO much with what I have been feeling myself. Everything you told me was very accurate and the advice you gave me was exactly what I need to do. I CAN be patient! Thank you again, Ann. I will be a repeat customer. P.S. Thank you for not sugar coating your readings. This is appreciated!

05/05/2016: – Julian – I did a free reading with Ann last year when i was so confused and torn over someone i had known and was not able to forget fearing if i was just infatuated with that person and that everything i felt was self created. Through her free reading she revealed that this person was a twinflame…at that point in time though it calmed me knowing that what i was experiencing was because of a twin flame connection i was not entirely convinced. But in my desire to know more i did an email reading. Though i found it hard to believe…i took her advise and left things as they are. On apr 28…it has been about a year since the reading…my twinflame connection contacted me. It was totally unexpected. ..just as Ann said in her email that she would contact me when i least expected…i was amazed at the accuracy of the reading. Though I’m not sure how i will proceed from here on…it proved to me how Ann accurately presents the situation. I would like to thank Ann not only for the accuracy but for the peace and way forward she brings through the reading. Recently a soul mate connection came into my live…i anticipate myself getting advise on this soon 🙂 Thank you Ann once again.

05/03/2016: Lesly – Hi Ann – Thank you so much for the tarot reading. It resonated everything I have been feeling for a very long time. Everything you told me made so much sense and I will definitely follow your advice, as I have been feeling the same for some time. I CAN be patient now!!!

04/10/2016: Angela – Dear Ann, You are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my last reading. Every time I asked for your assistance, your words always uplifted me and I feel a whole lot better. You were right, there were times when I felt like really frustrated and almost giving up, but this feeling I have for him is too strong for me to just walk away. It’s even more intense than before, there were no days I spent without thinking about him. And it was exhausting me.
Thank you again, Ann. I will keep you updated and definitely will come back for another reading when I need one.
Have a nice day to you and yours x Love, Angela

04/09/2016: Bel – Thank you for your email reading Ann. I will continue to keep the faith based on what you have said. Patience will be the key in all of this. I will keep you all updated.

03/14/2016:  Renee –  Ann is the real deal. I must admit that there were times that I had lost faith but her readings were consistent. Ann never changed what she told me, not even once. She really does have a special gift. So far everything she predicted has come true. I have been seeking her guidance for about 10 months. Her predictions do come true they just take a little time. Thank you again, Ann.

03/09/2016:  Tina –  Thank you soooo much!!!!!! This helps me so much. I do feel out of sorts with my intuition and things because of work. I work in an accounting office and its tax season here it is so busy. Six days a week and at least 45 to 50 hours a week so I dont really have down time to relax and chill. started working on meditating but cant really concentrate. Thank you again and for the speeding response! Once May comes and I have days off again and more time I will order a chat reading. Love and Light  Tina!!!

03/01/2016: Rachel – Hi Ann!! I want to thank you for the spiritual guidance and support that you always give me. Your uplifting words have taught me to trust and have patience, to be loving and understanding especially when it comes to my twin flame. You have given me the confirmation that I’ve known in my heart for years that I’m on the right path to the ultimate blessing of connecting on the deepest of levels with my twin flame. You truly are one of the universes most treasured angels using your gift to help others find peace and strength through having faith and believing in themselves and by embracing the gifts that life has given us. You are so much more than just a psychic, you are a direct connect to the spirits and angels above! I thank the universe every day for our spiritual connection.  Thank you Ann, you truly are an angel of love! Your Forever Friend, Rachel

02/06/2016: Mandy – I believed my Husband was having an Identity Crisis before discovering through Ann that he is actually my Twin Flame. He is the runner and I, the chaser. We’ve experienced everything Twin Flames go through. Through growth , research, Ann’s readings and guidance, I have learned how to love unconditionally, accept the things I can’t control, and surrender. Meditation and getting in touch with my spirituality has helped a great deal. After a year and a half of running, my Twin Flame has finally reached out and we are rebuilding our relationship. He went from detaching and making me feel like he hated me to making me feel like I exist again. I am so glad he and I went through the separation to work on ourselves. He is not back home yet, but Ann’s readings have been right on so far and my Twin Flame and I are making a lot of progress. Thank you Ann for your patience and being there for me. You’ve made me a believer. I am now stronger, wiser, and more open minded and I’m so glad I found you because that one question reading changed my life. I would’ve given up on my Twin Flame and continued on a bitter path if I hadn’t have found the answers through you.

02/03/2016: Caitlin  – I came to Ann at the beginning of this month, as I was struggling with a relationship/situation and I didn’t know what to do. Out of others I’ve spoken with, Ann was the only one who created more clarity for me, and who told me exactly what was going on, on the inside for him and myself. As well as what I could do to help our twin flame relationship move forward in the right direction. I am grateful for Ann. She is amazing!

01/25/2016: Tina G. – Thank you Ann for the wonderful reading. You have given me hope to keep continuing on the path that I am on and that everything will work out as I would like. I will be getting more readings in the future.

01/16/2016: Brenna – Hi Ann, I absolutely LOVED your most recent blog! It was extremely insightful and very assuring.

11/29/2015: Jessica – Ann is amazing she keeps it real and doesn’t sugar coat a thing which I love! I was so lost before meeting Ann. I have had many readings from different sites and I found Ann out of no where her blog and did a free question reading and it was like she was with me, she hit everything nail on. I also went on to have a email reading as well as a live reading. I must say she never changed what she was telling me and she continues to give me the courage I need to not give up. Even through my pain, frustration, Ann remained the same reassuring me and understanding my emotions yet keeping it honest the whole time. I am following her advice and I must say now that I am not so consumed with trying to chase my runner I not only feel better and getting myself back to normal but my runner is coming around little by little just as she said. Ann is my spiritual guidance I always wished to find one that was real and honest and I have found that in Ann she will always be the one I go to when I need guidance!

11/20/2015: Felisha C. – I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Ann, not only is Ann an extremely gifted psychic ,but she is one of the nicest ,most lovable,down to earth souls in the universe.  Ann demonstrates professionalism , guidance, accuracy, and most of all ,listens to her clients. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to talk to a psychic that really cares about people and wants to make an overall difference on their journey.  Thank you Ann

9/27/2015: Curt C. – Ann is absolutely amazing.  I met my twin flame back in April, (she is the runner) and my life has been turned upside down.  The intense emotions, highs and lows are difficult to deal with, but Ann it my anchor in this hurricane I am in.  I first got her free email question to confirm what I knew all alone in my heart, and then got a longer email reading, which was extremely helpful.  Her last paragraph of the reading struck me because she stated matter of factually things that were going on with me, that I had not mentioned, and she was dead on.  I have had a past life reading and several reading and twinflame channelings with her since then.  Bottom line, I trust Ann, she is kind and understanding, but tells it how it is, and I am very thankful she is here for me thru all of this.

9/25/2015: Angela – I want to thank you for the reading, it really gave me a peace of mind. You brought my self confidence back and I am forever grateful. As you suggested, I won’t give up on him…if it’s worth the wait, then I shall wait until he comes around. I have been reading about the Soulmate and Twinflames on your website here too, very very interesting reading.
I will be in touch for any updates or if I ever need more guidance. Again, thank you so much, Ann. God bless you.

9/19/2015: Theodora P. – I received my email reading yesterday in a very timely manner. I didn’t think I would hear back from you so quickly. Thank you so much for not making me wait. The information you gave me concerning my Twin Flame, Carr, is very helpful. I was beginning to think that something was wrong with me. I am planning to do a follow up with you via phone or other chat soon (within the next week or so).

Again, thank you for giving me some relief concerning my situation. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

Peace, Love and Light…

9/9/2015: Svetlana – Thankyou Ann, for kind Email reading, very much appreciated your advise and guidance, also love reading your blogs and have learnt a lot from. Thankyou again.?

8/14/2015: – Shamekia S. – Just received a free email reading from Ann. Some information that I really needed to.know. She helped me alot and told me what needed to do. Soon I will buy a reading from on a deeper about me and my soulmate. Thank.u so much for that as I was reading my email from Ann I began to cry it was so beautiful the things she told me. Yes it put my mind to ease. Thank you Ann you are very gifted and blessed.

8/12/2015: – Sarah – Thank you so much for helping me! I will be telling all my friends!!

6/6/2015: – Jonah Job A – Ann Has help me to get my soulmate, all I have is Thank you.

6/12/2015: – Joy H. – I got about a month ago and everything u said came to.pass. Thank u sooo much!!! Your wonderful!

6/19/2015: svetlana K. – Ann, Thank you for the reading today, as a result of your reading lam less afraid of the soul connection l have with a particular person and understanding and less fearful of the future, regardless of the outcome. You have given me piece of mind. Thank you again. God bless you.

3/14/2015:  Cynthia T – Thank you! Ann…For the email reading you gave me last month. You confirmed what I felt. I just wanted confirmation. I will be getting in touch with you for a full reading. You are real and I like that. You are awesome! Lady.

2/19/2015: John T – Well, I first have to admit that I had some negative experience in the past but Ann changed my whole opinion concerning spiritual guidance. She has been  helping me for 7 months now and my life did an entire 360 degrees turn.
I am now able to manage my every day life and I have been able to  commit with my soulmate, which I have been struggling with for the last 4 years.
We are finally  ready to fully commit which  I thought would never happen.
Thank you so much Ann for our weekly sessions and spiritual Coaching, you really changed my whole World!

1/25/2014: – Michèle A – I met Ann several times at some spiritual enlightenment retreat in Arozona. I asked her for her help with my current marriage which was on the merge of ending after 35 years – She was not only able to save my Marriage but also she was able to open up some hidden parts of of our connection that we never exploited. I consider Ann as my own personal Spiritual Coach and I plan on keeping you Ann for a long time! GOD BLESS YOU

12/18/2014: Stephen B – Thank you Ann ! I know that i am a pest calling you so much and so often and you must think, oh no!!…
I was lost before, weak and vulnerable and pretty much miserable all the time.
What you did for me and the daily spiritual guidance that you are providing me is  not measurable. You are right on the target all the time and now I am strong and I have been able to fight my own demons. I was able to re-conciliate with my Soulmate and partner Billy, because of Ann, guiding me thru each step of the way.
Thank you for all your help !

11/20/2014: Nick E – What a great and gifted Psychic !
I have only been talking to her for a few weeks now  and she helped me with my difficult relationship issues.  I am now able to see clarity within the dark clouds. I see now hope where before I was only seeing impasses. I will my sessions with you Ann for a long time!

11/18/2014: Kimberly F – I had my first reading with Ann approximately 9 or 10 years ago regarding an experience I had with a man that I needed help with. She explained to me that this was a twin flame relationship. “A what?” After she explained it to me I googled it and there was hardly anything to read about it.

The relationship with this person was far from easy to deal with on my own and without Ann’s help and knowledge I think I would have lost my mind.

She was always there to calm me down when I was filled with fear and anxiety.

Everything she said was 100% dead on. When I let go of the fear (because this person is going nowhere) I was able to enjoy one of the safest relationships I have ever had.

We are not physically together today but he always resurfaces and the bond is always there. It’s like we picked up where we left off and it can be years in between. Ann, as far as I am concerned is a pioneer when it comes to twin flames.

She was talking about it way before all of these so called “experts” on this topic.Without her help I would have been lost. She is the best!!

Kimberly F New York

11/05 2014: Alison D – Ann is a Fantastic reader, that truly cares for her clients and is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. She extremely accurate and consistent with every session.

11/01/2014: Samantha S -Thank you so much for for explaining everything to me about the Twinflames and their negativity. I will reflect on what you said and reconnect with you before January 2015 to get an update.
I Just hope that this doesn’t drag on for years, I heard horror stories from others having this go on for 3 – 5 years before they get together – Thank you for being right about him and I didn’t give up, and helping me understand this and how to handle our situation, it’s definitely moving forward!

10/30/2014: Donna  M –  Excellent Tarot reading as always, Ann answered all my questions quickly. If you want the truth, she will tell you like it is and even if you don’t want to hear it sometimes. I have been talking to Ann for over 5 years. She’s the best of the best. I will schedule a psychic session very soon for a update.

10 24/2014: Carrie F-  Psychic Ann is amazing! She always tells me exactly what she sees and never sugar coat. I love that she is honest and direct and she is always on point.

10/20/2014: James M – Thank you! Ann has really given me valuable insight in mt situation and has helped me understand things giving me a greater clarity. Ann’s prediction actually happened just like she said ! Wow I’m very impressed – didn’t see it coming but you said it would happen. This was one of the best readings I’ve ever had  her accuracy is phenomenal!

10/10/2014: Scott W – Ann thank you and the spirit  guides! You are always honest and your insights are truly amazing!

09/29/2014: Adrian P – Excellent Soulmate reading, very accurate and she picked up on everything with asking she is truly amazing. Psychic Ann has an beautiful and amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it and being so honest. Always the truth and i appreciate it.

09/12/2014: Drea M – Wow very accurate, Psychic Ann really cares about all her client’s well being and happiness.  Ann has priceless advice and she’s a shoulder to lean on, like a big sister. You can trust her to tell you the truth and she respects your time and Money.  Ann is consistent and genuine.

I’ve been having her help me balance and align my chakras with light work for over 6 years. I trust her advice and guidance especially since her predictions have all happened. Thank you so much Ann!!

09/08/2014: Norm B – Thank you Ann, you  have always gave me the light at the end of the tunnel with the strength to go on and not give up.

9/07/2014: Natasha K – Psychic Ann is awesome, she reassures me not to worry and leave it to God. She has helped me in so many ways to develop my spirituality and meditation, I could be very impatient some at times but she always makes it better and keeps me calm.

08/18/2014: Dana Z – I love Ann and it was a great spiritual session. I have connected with my Twinflame, it explains the turmoil that I have been going through. I feel so much better knowing that my situation actually has a name! The true purpose of this meditation regression session was to focus on my past lives with him and to understand us in this life and it’s helped explain our reunion in this lifetime. Ann gave me guidance on how to repair the connection. This is tough journey, I can only do it with Ann’s guidance and incredible gift.

08/14/2014: Amy B – Thanks for all your guidance. I really appreciate your insight. You were able to see my life and how things were accurately.

07/22/2014: Eva E – Ann is totally awesome! She is caring, compassionate and always explains the complete dynamics of what is going on and what is going to happen, what more can you ask for, Ann gets to the heart of things very quickly and explains what is going on and why things happened the way they did.

05/10/2014: Stephanie  N- She is amazingly accurate, sweet,  compassionate and honest. I highly recommend Ann. Thank you so much for your encouragement and honesty.

04/29/2014: Alicia L – Ann is awesome, she gave me confidence knowing he will be back in my life. I truly believe in my heart. She is very sweet but yet so honest and get to the point, that’s the most important thing about my crystal reading. Thanks again you have been right on! 100 stars for you

04/16/2014: Sherrie M – OMG, she is in tuned with the spirit world, extremely accurate and very insightful. My soulmate session with Ann touched my heart so much that I had a few tears because it was his words to me exactly 2 days ago and she knew  things without me mentioning anything. I did speak to her 3 months ago and everything came to pass just as she said. I will send more updated feedback as her predictions happen.

04/10/2014: Nikki R –  You are very honest and I love how you always give me an in-dept reading about my twinflame, I never have to force the information out of you, you know before I ask the question.

You never make everything  like Alice n wonderland fairytale, all peaches and cream. You are one of the few very great spiritualists. You do a great job with tuning in to what’s going on in my life. You’re definitely part of the #1 elite Psychic Group. Awesome Psychic Adviser of course lol. Thanks for everything. 🙂

03/29/2014: Ian S – Ann, you are know and tell me what you truly see. You are so wonderful and really see the big picture. Thanks for being incredible!

03/25/2014: Steve J – I just had a Past life time reading by Ann that was amazing and absolutely explained my current situation on why it is is what it is.  I really appreciate how within a few seconds you actually calmed my nerves into calmer waters, when needed more clarification to silence my ego. Truly an amazing spiritual healer and light angel reader, this is a real divine gift to have Ann help me. I will get to work on creating positivity, thank you this miraculous spiritual healing and psychic session, bless you.

03/20/2014: Brittney I – Thanks for always understanding and  being there for me. Whenever times get hard in my life and I do not understand things, you have helped me so much and gave me clarity. Thank you.

03/15/2014: Becky S – Ann is truly amazing! She is extremely accurate and she tells you the truth, not just what you want to hear! You have to have her read for you, trust me you will be very amazed!

03/02/2014: Sue A –  Her energy & spiritual gifts will help calm the soul and accurately tuning into a person’s energy, seeing the situation and predicting future events, that will amaze you, I love Ann!!!

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