Truth about Soulmates, Karmic & Twinflames

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Soulmate and Twinflame Energy

There are several types of soulmates and each one is very important to learning the lessons in every lifetime, these are lessons that we choose before entering this realm.

Soulmates help us learn these lessons and create an impact although some may be seeking Twin Soul we should never ignore other soul connections that come into our life, they are vital to our spiritual development and growth.
We all have fears of making a mistakes and getting hurt, it can stunt our spiritual growth. Pain is a part of life, we can hold on to it and let it go when we are ready, it’s necessary however to feel the pain, allowing it to teach us lessons we need to learn.


A Karmic Soul is a spiritual connection that we still have karma between us, now this doesn’t always mean bad karma, a karmic Soulmate can be family members (parents, friends, children, siblings, cousins), also love relationships, it’s any relationship that has made an impact in our lives in some way.
We always learn lessons and share with each other, although these always people invoke deep feelings (both positive or negative) we can develop a long-term romantic relationship with a Karmic Soul Mate.


These resemble the Twinflame connection, this is generally a relationship based on love, but there is still karmic energy between two people involved they both can learn to live with companionship type love in harmony.
Quite often Companion Soulmates will come together for a reason or even assisting one to get through a particular trial or lesson in this life. Companion Soulmates usually join together as Life Partners, especially when the Twinflame is not in this lifetime or when for whatever reason Twinflames could not be together in this life.
Companion Soulmates are teaching each other lessons and this is one of the differences between a Companion and a Twinflame, but we will get into those differences later.
Companion Soulmates are quite different from a Twinflame,  sometimes there isn’t that extreme energy like it is with Twinflames.  and if there’s any karmic energy left to work out, then the relationship is within the boundaries of Companion Soulmates.
When you do meet a Companion Soulmate there is an immediate attraction, Love At First Sight feeling, feeling like it is a perfect relationship but sometimes the feeling of something is missing in the relationship, and this can actually go on for years.


Twinflames have unfinished karma to work out between them. They need to resolve all of it from their past lives and come together, they have unconditional love.
Twinflames love each other with no expectation and with no conditions ever attached to only the giving of love. It’s easy to say you love someone unconditionally, so you need to ask yourself can you love this person forever? no matter what? Can you give your love to him/her with no expectations, even if their love is even recognized? Which brings us to another point, Twinflames are earned and not given, you have to prepare yourself to be able to connect with your Twinflame, this is not an automatic, it’s a gift.
As a gift it’s a real privilege to actually know your Twinflame but you must be ready.
Exactly how do you become ready? You will have to learn to love deeper than you ever thought is was possible.
You have to be brave and strong enough to risk loving with your heart and soul just to have the dream sometimes shattered, If not then seeking your Twinflame is not for you, then you must deepen your capacity to deeply love before you can know what an unconditional love is and that means experiencing the pain as well as joy.
Sometimes the cup of deep love must be entirely shattered before it’s built strong enough to hold your love with the Twinflame energy. When Twinflame energy connect, two become one, they are not like one another, they are actually the mirror image of each other.
They do think alike and they hold the same type of values and usually their life experiences are similar, they can actually look like each other. This is not exactly a guide to whether you have met your Twinflame or not.
When Twinflames find each other, they connect and are able to overcome obstacles that average person could not begin to face.
They  feel unconditional love that literally glows around their auras, that they have much to share with others. They are the inspiration to all poets, writers and singers.
If we go through life measuring every possible romantic partner that we believe represents a soulmate, karmic or Twinflame, two things will happen, for one we will miss out on many beautiful experiences that can help us grow, we will not develop enough spiritually and emotionally to meet our Twinflame.
it’s a 50/50 chance you will meet your Twinflame, but when you do there is usually some type of chaos and drama go through and this is part of the connection process.
One thing to keep in mind for those searching for the Twinflame, is how to share energy with each other without becoming addicted to the spiritual energy of each other, focusing their self and not allowing the connection to become consumed from his/her energy.
Twin Flames share spiritual energy and they do so with intense unconditional love, when twin flames connect at first they are totally absorbed with one other, they find they have an increased capacity to share their energy and love with everyone they encounter, they see life with new spiritual eyes.
Addictive spiritual energy causes them to actually feel physically ill when that spiritual energy is removed because the one who has lost the energy or has either forgotten how to accept the gift of energy from all of life surrounding them and like any other addiction, once it is removed you have withdrawals, many people out there who will mistake an addictive spiritual energy relationship with a Twinflame because that is what we all want.
Karmic relationships are important, for they help us with important growth spiritual issues and karmic relationships should never be walked away from, it brings with it some wonderful energy gifts and some karmic relationships can even turn out to be your life partner if the Twinflame is not available
Most people will spend our life with a Companion Soulmate and this is a beautiful experience, so although we are all seeking that Twinflame, again I really can’t emphasize this enough that you should never walk away from a  love relationship simply because there is karmic energy involved, the only time to leave a relationship is because there is nothing left in that love relationship for you and them, if you are truly unhappy, then and only then should you leave or if there is abuse mental, physical, verbal, or emotional and only you can make that decision, only you know if you can no longer do that relationship.
I had clients coming to me in the past and telling me that they don’t believe that a relationship without karma can survive because karma keeps the love relationship alive, if that is where you are at, then that too is okay, however consider this what if you and your partner had no karma left to work out between you both, you are now in a position that you can turn your spiritual energy outward and do wonderful things for others that you meet, now together you can learn the lessons that you would not have had the energy to learn before because of the karma that you were working on, Just imagine how much more spiritual growth you can achieve this as you  both join forces to learn the tough lessons together.
There is something incredibly magical  and special about twinflame energy. Due to their nature of the shared spiritual energy, two individuals on the same frequency and wavelength working in tandem, the energy work you and your twinflame do, is amplified beyond that you can do yourself. The spiritual love you do together becomes intense and no other soul connection can compare.
There are many times we have work apart from our twinflame but not by our hands, the universe has a divine plan for twinflames, companion and karmic soul connections. As we come closer to the next step in spiritual evolution.
This as you can see is a lot of information but it only begins to scratch the true surface of the meaning of the types of soulmates, karmatic souls and twinflames that enter in our lifetimes. If you have questions about your soul connection and  insight on your specific relationship, schedule a spiritual reading.


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  1. I never knew there was a difference in soulmates, twinflames or karmic connections, thanks for helping me understand, I’ve scheduled another reading for next week, I have more questions about Phil.

  2. Ann, Thank you so much for your information about soulmates and twinflames, you have helped me clear up many questions I have about my Twin Soul, please let me know when your book is released. I will be purchasing another Soulmate reading next month.
    Take care,

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  5. I love your Posts about Soulmates and Twinflame connections, I read through all of them last night and it has helped me understand things so much. Please post more about Soulmates.

  6. I love your blog post Truth about Soulmates, Karmic & Twinflames! it has helped me understand my situation with my EX and I know now why things are the way the are. I will get in touch with you next week for a reading.

  7. HI,

    I met my twin flame 3 years ago and it was an instant connection, like I knew him forever. When we started talking to each other there was this mutual feeling that we both were comfortable with each other, and the sudden rush that came from both of us, meant that we yearned to be with each other.
    However with all twin flame relationship the pull and pusher came into force and this separated us. We both went with other people, but this only led us back together.

    I have also been told that there is some unfinished karma business between us and that the purpose of this life is to fix that.

    Whenever we are away from each other or not talking to each other, we both can feel each other and we both seem to come online the same time, or want to send each a message at the same time.

    Although some people say we are campaign soul mates, I feel the unconditional love and the yearning to be together is far too strong.

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