Connecting with the love of your life this Summer

finding your true love and enjoying the summer
Soulmates Forever

Memorial Day weekend is here! We are already six months in the year and it’s time to get ready for the Summer time, spending our Saturday’s with friends, going by a lake or the ocean, think of love, dreaming of the perfect Soulmate, then to realize you are all alone. What happened to the love of your life? You still feel him/her deep in your heart or was it just all a dream?

Over analyzing too much into your relationship situation will create anxiety and fear, especially at the beginning of the Summer.


Summer brings renewed spiritual strength to our spirits. The heat of the Sun’s rays actually relaxes our muscles, also the body and spirit. The energy will balance our chakras, creating the perfect balance with the energy in ourselves and those around us. The summer is actually the best time for love and renewing past relationships as well starting new ones.


Many people spend a lot of time outside in the summer months, this brings positive energy and not just enjoying the nice hot weather but absorbing the sun’s power to that feel so good feeling.


Try to get out in the summer, there are many groups of active people around that have social activities.

Each time you are on social media (even on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc.), you are increasing positive energy and attracting your soulmate, just like bees to honey.


Spending more time outside is therapeutic and healing to the soul.

The sun’s powerful rays beaming down on your skin will heal and cleanse the aura and will align chakras, try Yoga in the Sun!


There is a renewal and positive feeling with a start of new beginnings in the Summer, this is the Summer season to get the flip flops and start moving. Summer is the best time to head to the beach or visit a beautiful lake. Meeting up with friends and making time for yourself.


Summer is the best time to meet people, reunite with your soulmate or Twinflame or just fall in love. You can manifest this love, focusing more on having fun vs always looking at each person as your future lifetime partner.  Try to start exercising, joining a health club, wear new colors, try new things that you never done, water skiing, taking a trip to an tropical island, a cruise, just trying to being productive and staying active outdoors, it will stimulate the mind, body and spirit.


If you are dating off and on, try not going with the mindset “I’m only going on dates to meet my soulmate” and then think everyone is your soulmate or twinflame and a potential life partner. This is not the right attitude and approach to each date. Try the attitude: I’m going to get out and have fun! You need to have fun and start enjoying the summer months, it doesn’t last long. Try getting away from the same routine in your life.


If you are still spiritually connected to somebody, at least just try to get out and meet new possibilities to keep your spirit up until that person comes around.


It doesn’t mean that you are moving away from your soulmate or letting go but Summer time and life are meant to be happy with sentimental moments to remember.


If you are in hurting over a break up, try instead of focusing on looking for another love to take the pain away, AKA rebound, you don’t want that.


Try creating meaningful events in your life, taking pics helps too and I’m not talking about only selfies (a few is ok lol), take pics of things that inspire you and post them to a social media site like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or twitter.


Try a new activity, how about going on a canoe ride with friends, get adventurous up your summer activities, those who only focus on living for the moment have the most fulfilling and positive lives.


You may ask yourself where do the “singles” go in the Summer, a few more suggestions try going to the beach, ocean type of restaurants, usually boardwalk or outside cafés, at popular coffee shops (Starbucks and Panera bread to name a few), outdoor festivals, and the list just goes on.


And remember that true love is everywhere you go, more importantly in your heart. Don’t give up hope, try to stay focused on yourself and think positive!


I wish you all a very happy and safe Memorial day weekend!

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