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How Feng Shui Brings in Positive Energy to Reunite Divine Soulmates & Twin flames

Fall in love with yourself. Know that you are loveable. Find ways each day to nourish yourself with love, appreciation, healthy food, positive thoughts and tenderness. Begin to care for yourself as if you are the most important person in the world. You deserve your own love and affection. When you fall in love with yourself the whole world mirrors that love back to you. Oscar Wilde said it best: “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Remember: Love is there for you. It’s always been there for you. You just need to remember the love that you are and once you do, the Universe will deliver to you the perfect soulmate.
Attracting positive Energy with Feng Shui

The feng shui tradition is to bring positive energy into our lives and purify negative energy with creating balance in our surroundings,  salt and sage smudges are also used to make the area clean and purified. According to many Feng shui experts, there will be a surge of positive energy in the environment that will feel fresh and alive after purifying areas in the house with salt.

This is very important in maintaining the energy with spirituality and positivity in every aspect in our life. When there is an unbalanced energy chi with in our workplace or home, the energy is not flowing properly, this becomes stagnant chi, that can bring feelings of depression, arguments, health issues, financial problems, tension between loved ones, frustration with a lack of motivation.

How to start building positive energy with Feng Shui

First begin a thural  cleaning your home, upstairs, bathrooms, closets, basements, (FYI: house cleaning burns lots of calories) attic and getting rid of all clutter – things that don’t sere a purpose. Start with washing walls of dust and cobwebs, shake out the dust from your curtains and remove any dust from your window sills, vacuum, sweep and wash your floors. Dirt and dust are the contributors of all negative energy that accumulate in corners of rooms. They can have a negative effect on your spirit, mind and health.

It’s very important to clean your home thoroughly when you first move in, to rid the area of any negative, confliction energy from the previous owner, also right after a party or event you have in your home, it is important to clean up negativity from guests that may have walked in with, this could be or not towards you, they may have issues in their lives so you don’t want to absorb it.

You should clean your work pace or office, it’s nice to have positive Chi energy flowing in your office space, it will encourage and build positive relationships with your clients, colleges, clients and mangers.

Feng shui both deal with psychic energies. Someone who has a psychic gift will have be able to access energy that isn’t traditionally felt, heard or actually seen by people.

Psychic Energy is everywhere, we are all connected. We’re in the same group as our energies pass through the universe.

A Psychic can pick up energy and information. You may have experienced this, for example: You knew the phone would ring just before it did. Or your friend gets in contact with you, when they had a strong vibe or feeling when you were experiencing the same type of feeling. It doesn’t have to be positive or negative, it’s just when your energy has become overwhelmed.

Manifesting a love relationship – If your looking to attract your Soulmate (or twinflame) – or make your currant love relationship make a  commitment– You need to make sure that there is enough space for your soulmate in your home.

Look in your shelves, closets and dressers, most important in your bedroom, making sure you have double of everything in your bedroom, example; 2 nightstands, 2 lamps, and that there is no dust, clear some room for your future or currant partner or Soulmate is a priority. Try to free up at least 25% of space in your bedroom. When you are finished, visualize your his or hers belongings there.

Making space in your home for energy to flow through and a feeling of power and peace. There isn’t any specific feng shui instructions to make personal feng shui power spot.

Love yourself first. You are amazing!
Find each day different ways to nourish yourself with happiness, love, healthy food by eating clean and getting some exercise everyday. Start taking care of yourself because you are most important person in the world to you! And you deserve love and affection from you.
Just remember that love is always there for you. It has always been there just for you. You need to remember that the love you and once you accept it, the Universe will send your soulmate or reconnect your soulmate (or Twinflame).

Just be free and express who you are, making a deep connection with the gratitude for everything you have been blessed with.

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The Spiritual link to Weight loss

Is there a spiritual link to losing weight?

Spiritual link to weight loss psychic fat burn chakra energy twinflames soulmates, full moon
Spiritual link to weight loss

People from every nation have been trying to discover the secret to boost the metabolism, burn fat, build muscle and lose weight.

There have been thousands of different diets, fat burners, metabolism boosters and weight loss supplements, which make it so difficult to know what really works. Over the years the numbers of people with overweight and obesity have grown.

If you have been trying to lose weight but not seeing any results, don’t give up, there is hope. Let 2015 be your success year.

The truth is, your weight is not all about the will power you have or how much you workout. There is no miracle pill or magic program that will completely work. Yes, you may lose weight but maintaining it for years is the real challenge.

Weight gain is caused by a combination of influences, over eating, eating unhealthy and eating processed food. Your Genetic plays a big role, living a sedentary life without any exercise. Eating too much simple carbohydrates will cause an insulin imbalance.

When your energy is down and you feel depressed or emotionally hurt, eating too much becomes a comfort, especially with eating the wrong foods, to mask out problems you may be having with your love relationship, having a difficult time with your partner; soulmate or twinflame make you overeat processed artificial toxic foods.

Adding more exercise into your daily routine. Sometimes going to the gym is impossible as much as making a commitment and sticking to it. You will find it fun and enjoyable to be physically active. Adding weight training 3-4 times a week will help raise your metabolism, by building lean muscle in return, you will burn more calories at rest, not to mention you will look better. You can use machines, free weights and also do classes(ie: body pump) at almost all gyms.

Cardio classes will help you burn fat, especially the lower intensity fitness and dance classes. When you’re having fun in an exercise class, it doesn’t feel like it’s work; my personal favorite are Zumba and Turbo Kick which are both offered at the gym or at home.

Another great time to start a new diet is 2 to 3 days before the Full Moon. Try not to limit yourself for the first 2 weeks, not to eat anything after 7 p.m. Starting a diet on the full moon can boost weight-loss and cravings for unhealthy foods. Make sure that you drink a lot of water and green tea; oolong, pu-erh and black teas will give you the extra energy that you are craving.

The Mind Body and Spirit Connection

What you need is a life style change of those old habits that can contribute to your problems. Most diets are not the permanent solution to living healthy long life.

I’m going to help you set out on a new spiritual path towards reaching your goal. First thing to do is to forget about dieting. You need to look at the quality of the type of food that you are putting in your body. You would like to nurture within your spirit and for that, they go hand in hand. It’s a good time before starting a diet or weight loss plan to spiritually balance your energy and chakras, you need to be in the right mind set. For example if you are having issues with your relationship, soulmate or twinflame you will have to balance your spirit with meditation.

Many of the food recommended by dieticians and Fitness experts for nutrition are usually those associated with the spiritual traditions of positive characters. So many religions within spiritual traditions tend to associate certain types of foods with quality of the spiritual life. Whatever we eat has certain consequences for the body, diet influences the spirit in specific ways.

Think about the whole food and not anything from a box and the benefits of adding to your diet. You can count calories if you want. Remember that it takes 3500 calories to lose a one LB. The best way of calculating calories is through a food journal or an app. My favorite is “lose it”. Try to avoid bad carbs, trans fat, stay away from any type of fast food. Cut out anything artificial especially sweeteners, (unless you are a diabetic). Try to maintain a “eat clean diet”. Yes I know it sounds like a lot at first it may be difficult but take one step at a time.

GMO’s and processed foods are in almost everything we eat and it’s hard to go into a grocery store and not know what is natural and what has been genetically modified. The best way to know is to stick with organic or if it specifically says GMO free.

In order for your body to lose weight (and keep it off), digest,  healthy, your eating has to be pure and not chemically treated, your spirit lives inside that body, your mind controls what you put in your mouth.

I like to start with a good detox, flushing out toxins and chemicals to help absorb nutrients and digest food better to create a more healthy and leaner appearance, you will feel 100% better flushing out toxins, I’m not a fan of a total juice detox, I suggest the 3 day detox created by DR OZ, just to give the body a healthy quick jump start.  This creates the mind body and spirit connection.

Always have your SPIRITUAL practices into gear. Pray to God is #1 and adding meditation in your life will help you reach your spirit to a new level. It’s always good to tune into your spirituality religion when you are trying to make a life style that will bring you to your higher self.

Don’t stress yourself or it will cause you to eat more in order to feel better Spiritual guidence will help direct your path, book a session with Psychic Ann today.