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Valentine’s Day – Connect & Embrace Love -Divine Soulmates

As Valentine’s Day is almost here, try to look at a love relationship with yourself.
Happy Valentine’s day 2015

Each time February 14th comes around, we all see Valentine’s day signs of love , gifts, chocolate hearts, Valentine’s day cards, Balloons, Teddy bears, perfume, roses, gift baskets and sweet sentiments.

The truth of the matter is, even if there’s love everywhere, when we don’t love our self, we don’t notice and it we end up feeling sad and lonely.

Feeling love from someone is a beautiful feeling people can share to one another, but can’t fill that void created by a sense of lack from yourself. True Love is internal, the only way to receive love is when we have it already in our hearts.

As Valentine’s Day is almost here, try to look at a love relationship with yourself.

First make a complete list of people you love and appreciate in your life, and write down what it is about them you love, express all  your feelings, keeping this list handy for each Valentine’s day but adding to it each year, even if situations change, they will always a part of your life through your Valentine’s day archives.

Make plans, create an event for Valentine’s day with your soulmate, loved ones for dinner or a nice quiet evening by yourself, creating the perfect valentine’s day atmosphere to celebrate and remember!

Give yourself the selfie love (no I’m not talking about taking a selfie). look into the mirror, deep into your beautiful eyes and say the words out loud: I love you for who you are the wonderful, amazingly beautiful person that I am.

This Valentine’s Day start the spiritual mirror exercise every morning, afternoon and evening. Try it, look into your eyes, and tell yourself exactly what you love and appreciate about you, try not to criticize or say anything negative, this exercise is bring your spirit up not down.
Runner and chaser stages can happen to any of the soul connections group. Soulmates and twin flames take time before they heal and it can feel like a lifetime before they come to a divine union. We all meet soulmates and have been involved with many different types of soul connections. Twin flames are unique, no two situations are exactly alike. Twin flames can go through chaos and negativity before they find peace with each other. All soulmate Connections go through certain amount of spirit detox in order to merge in there divine love relationship. At the beginning with all soul connection experiences, there’s a certain amount of pain and anxiety that they may feel with coming together. This is part of the process with purifying their spiritual energy to be right with one another. Twin flames enter in our lives in order to help perfect with inside ourselves and many times this can lead to soul-searching energy, which can take time. Twin flames can be together, but first they must realize with inside themselves, what needs to be eliminated and work on themselves to empower their life and in order to find their true spirit. That goes for both twins, one cannot be ready and the other can. This is 50/50 Energy vibration that they work on reciprocating back-and-forth energy to each other. There are many challenges with all soulmate connection groups they must first find themselves before they can find a true love in their lives. This goes for all Divine Partners. Twin rays are also part of the soul connection group and are very similar to twin flames. Twin rays are pure light to each other and can have the synchronicity‘s of each other being exactly alike in many ways. A Twin ray can reach the 5D level when they are with each other just like twin flames. Reaching a higher level of frequency of vibrations through the cosmic energy. This is intensified in many ways that some would call it being higher than a twin flame. They are devoted to each other and can only see on another without any ego or negative energy. But feel total unconditional love. A Twin ray can enter later in life, usually after many years of challenges with several other types of soul connections. Finding failures, disappointments and hurt. Your twin Ray can enter in your life and turn your life right around 360. The purpose of meeting them is to gain strength of your spirituality. But as I’ve always said in the past it’s never good to go searching and seeking for a specific type of soul bond connection. Only for the fact because destiny has a plan for us and we have to remain open to what is in store for what we need to improve and balance our life. The runner and chaser stages They goes through the resistance of blocking their emotions. When they first come together it is the match made in heaven and everything feels perfect! But fear starts to happen with both the runner and chaser, and one all of a sudden starts to run, running and not knowing why but it all comes from a fear-based energy. There is no way to try to cut off this type of connection, but learn from it and understand that they are not running from you but running from something inside themselves that they have awoken to. Every runner and chaser stage is different and has complex reasons why they run. The base with fear and the intensity that scares them in both souls. They both are actually runners. Healing from within This is not something new, it is out there and highly recognized. Not many people know the proper prescription on how to deal with this heartbreaking stage that they go through. Both runners and chasers are actually feeling the pain equally. Although the chaser feels that they are getting the worst end of the stick but in fact they both hurting. Since the runner is the one running from something alone and scared. They need time to heal and the best thing to do is not to focus on how to bring them back but focusing on the true matter here. There’s life lessons that they are both learning and have to work on themselves in order to get it right. Raising your Soul vibration The actual healing process can take time and it can be very draining on your spirit. The best thing to do is to increase your soul vibration and this will reciprocate to your other half. As you are healing, You will notice signs just as numbers (1111, 2222 and etc.) they will pop up, coins, butterflies, your divine Soulmate’s name and other spiritual signs that will open your eyes letting you know that something is happening. Because we are at the beginning of the year of 2018, it’s good idea to write these things down and every sign you get for future reference, and make sure that you date them so that you can look back and understand what they represent. Manifesting Dreams for Divine Union January 2018 is a time for manifestation for dreams and miracles to happen! The only way that this can start is when you start visualizing and putting positive affirmations to make these things come alive. I like to use a planner (my favorite the happy planner) also a vision board helps with putting things that I see into motion in my living area and visualize on how I want these things to manifest. Positive affirmations being said every morning helps with setting the tone and bringing to life all positive energy to manifest in your day. In return, attracting all positivity in your life for the future. Meditation Getting more in tune with spirituality helps the mind body and spirit focused, and I’ve always found that meditation helps the spirit calm itself and reach higher vibration. So many of you may not know how to meditate, there are many ways to do this. I’d like to first start with bringing white light around my soul center. I will be posting more about how to meditate in the future. For now you can start by relaxing, taking deep breaths and focusing light as a beam of white light coming from the sky and going directly into your heart. Administering it throughout your whole body and surrounding yourself with this beautiful healing light similar to warm soft water. This will help illuminate your vibrations higher and help you to relax to reach out to your divine soulmate. You may be able to telepathically communicate and send messages to each other. There are many different things you can do spiritually to help you and your divine Soulmate a weekend. This will not speed up the divine union but it will help connect you both and bring balance into a soul healing.
While this may sound crazy, it’s a very powerful, yet simple thing you can do to bring your energy up.
We are brought up into a world looking into mirrors and noticing everything superficial – Our face, make up,  clothes, weight, hair and sometimes not liking what we see.
Try continuing this every day and your criticism with in will be  replaced with love, happiness, and kindness.

Having low self esteem is not attractive, when you meet new people or want to create stronger relationships with people you know, feeling positive about your self always brings you to a very powerful position.

Always keep in mind if you don’t like have respect for yourself,  your words and energy will bring put this energy to people you want to attract, that you can push them away and end up attracting those who are control freaks and manipulate you.

When you continue to look into your eyes saying positive loving affirmations, you will  feel more positive and confident, beyond your physical self that you normally see in the mirror.

Our eyes are the window to the soul,  if people don’t make eye contact with us, we think something is wrong  and we don’t feel connected. We need to establish this kind of soul connection with inside ourselves. This is where healthier love and soulmates relationships begin.

Happy Valentines day!

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Valentine’s Day Love Tips for Divine Soulmate Twin Flames Connections

Valentines day represents love and should be expressed to loved ones 365 days not just on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is a beautiful celebration of all love and relationships. February 14, 2015 we give gifts and spend time with our soulmates, family and friends.
Happy Valentines day 2015!
Valentine’s Day is a beautiful celebration of all love and relationships. On February 14, 2018  we give gifts and spend time with our Divine soulmates, family and friends.
Valentine’s Day’s traditions are usually giving Roses, gift baskets, cute teddy bears, Disney characters are popular for 2018 (Frozen, beauty and beast etc.) perfume or chocolates along with a romantic date night. In schools for years children give cute Valentines Cards with heart candy saying be my mine. Valentine’s Day also is a religious association, with the Anglican and Lutheran church. There are Religious ceremonies  that feature church services and feasts in certain areas of the world.
Over the years it was the only day to express your love.
Everyday should be expressions of your love, as if it’s Valentine’s Day everyday.

We need love and want to be surrounded by energy of love, appreciated for the good we do and feel comfortable who we are. Why does it become so stressful?   First you have to love yourself with all your heart and then you can love others This is called self-love.

Everyone wants love, but sometimes forget the true meaning behind it first one must be able to give and receive love completely. To make this Valentine’s Day 2018 dedicated to your soulmate, Twinflame or loved ones . Try some of these helpful tips for the entire 2018 year

A Soulmate can enter in your life unexpectedly. Although you do have more than one, not all are the same. Many times they enter in her life for a brief time to help us learn something about ourselves. This is to fulfill our destiny and grow spiritually. With so many different Soulmates that enter in one's lifetime, there's always a divine purpose and why they met. Dating is never easy and meeting so many different people can be confusing. Always wondering if there are my Soulmate or Twin flame? Only to learn that they are the wrong person, helping you pass a test to learn a valuable lesson in your life. I'm asked all the time about "how to speed the process up to find your true soulmate or how to tell if this is your twin flame?" Or just find somebody that can't fill that empty feeling of loneliness. Commonly, you can be involved in a committed relationship and you suddenly find your Soulmate or Twin flame on some type of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more). It will cause confusion and now your life has taken different turns in so many different directions. Opening your eyes to see more clear about your life choices, making you see that this committed relationship was not truly committed. Making you realize where you are in life and what changes you need to make for your future. The problem was not because you went looking for your Soulmate but they were sent to you to help you discover deeper things about yourself and the choices you need to make for your future. Many would think that this is at the wrong time that your Twin flame has entered in your life. But actually it was all in divine timing, you never went looking but found, without realizing that they were your Twin flame. If you were in a similar type of situation and find yourself very drawn to someone. Really look at what is going on in your relationship and try to find balance. An awakening can happen at any time, with awakenings they are an eye-opener to healing your past wounds to move forward. Everyone's situation is unique and not everybody's going to be going to the same type of challenge. Think of it is part of growing up spiritually. That you have to get through different types of love relationships that you may have had struggle and pain with. Only to find that this type of situation was not what you thought it was until you met the "One" You true Soulmate or Twin flame. What happens is you both are not ready? This is often called the runner and chaser stages. This is when letting go and releasing any type of toxic and negative energy out of your life. You're not completely ready, you are scared. Then they are not available or ready, just yet because of their own emotional issues. There is a lot of pain and heartache when the two cannot be together. Asking yourself questions on why your twin flame entered your life? but cannot be a part of your life? You may have tried moving on finding another but always finding yourself back with them sooner or later. The runner and chaser stages, The cycle goes around in circles. This plays a big role in both souls working on themselves and healing whatever it is until they are ready to come together in a divine union. Despite of whatever is happening in both of your lives, the Universe has a plan and there's nothing you can do to cut the ties or speed them up. Often we are sent other people to help us, many times they are a type of soulmate that can get us through these challenges. Spiritual awakenings is when we are discovering about ourselves that's when we can see that we are really living and we can open ourselves to what is truly in our life. Many times we grow out of something of a situation that we thought was going to last forever. You have to really examine and look for the truth that can't be denied. Your Soulmate enters in your life and your life has changed and turned right around. Now you're surrounded by life, you thought you were grounded, come to find that you were actually behind a mask. You meet your twin flame and everything seems perfect but then you realize that you may have went through your awakening before your Twin did. Trying to understand why you met this person when you were not ready for your soulmate and now they are not awake. The best thing to do is not stress and be hard on yourself. It is not time yet for either of you to come together, but it is time for you to work on yourself. Eliminating the negative and toxic situations out of your life, being more assertive on what you want and most importantly loving yourself first before everyone. It's not a selfish act but you need to really embrace the love in your heart. Treating yourself with respect, never being hard on yourself with negative words and not allowing anyone to ever bring you down. This is the first step with connecting with your soulmate. This is all part of the process with correcting and working on yourself. It is a very challenging but most rewarding experience to be united with your soulmate -Twin flame.

1. Healing

Your Soul mate can help heal your energy, but when there issues, he/she can not fix you. This is an important process of detoxing old beliefs, healing a broken heart and moving away from relationships in the past. If healing hasn’t began through via therapy, spiritual healing or some other form of light work, you need to be calm and find your center and mediate on yourself.

2. Love yourself First

Take a few hours on Valentine’s Day and spend it with you. Keep away from Cell phones, looking through your emails, and stay away from the TV. Go back to the basics with yourself. We all can get busy that we end up neglecting ourselves.

Fill this time up with something that makes you happy and feel beautiful, and loved. Try taking a a walk, try a fitness a class (ie; Zumba, Body pump and etc,)  meditation or yoga. This will enhance your spiritual energy and increase your ability to love stronger for others and appreciate their gifts.

2. Don’t hate your marital status

If you are finding yourself asking yourself – When will I ever find soulmate or twinflame? – instead embrace your currant situation (single or married) and love yourself. It is important to use this time preparing for your soulmate or make changes to the future. There are some people who hate being single and married, but no one wants to be alone, but for the singles this is their time to prepare and balance before you settle down.

3. Eat Clean and healthy

What we eat will reflect on our body and how we feel during the day it’s very important to stay away from processed and fake foods, going back to the basics with whole foods (organic if possible). Try going vegan for one day or two, flushing out toxins and negativity will help you feel and even look better. You may have plans or not this Valentine’s Day, but try and eat a nourishing and nutritious meal that your body craves and will energize and uplift your spirit.

4. Visualization and meditation

There are so many creative and spiritual ways that can raise your spiritual and vibrational energy that will help draw in love. To begin you first need to visualize the type of love you need then tune into that love.

Always visualize, dream, pray for love, never give up hope. Saving pics from the internet, clipping pictures of soulmates and meditating over them, using any creative energy asking the divine to help with the cleansing process!

Try getting together with a friend or a few friends who are in similar situation as you are if it’s a break-up, separation, or trying to find your true soulmate, you will be able to support each other with this difficult process during Valentines day.

5. Paying attention to Spiritual signals and signs.

Our spirits are continuously urging us to move forward. We are all given messages and visions helping us on our paths. We are given inspiration for certain places to go and spiritual guidance on every level. When the Spirit begins to do its thing of bringing a new Relationship into our life or a mend broken back together, you do recognize love when it knocks on the door.

This year 2018 make this the best Valentine’s Day ever and celebrate You!

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