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Attract Love & Positive Energy with Affirmations

Every day we all experience and also create different spiritual types of energy.

Positive Affirmations for love and soul mates
Positive Affirmations

Energy affects how we feel and accomplish things throughout the day. These energies can become very intense and powerful. The goal is to bring in positive energy and attract it into our daily lives, it’s not as difficult as it may seem, I will help you with a few helpful tips to get you started.

Everything thing we say, our thoughts, the things we do,  all takes energy, this impacts you and everyone around you. The primary focus needs be on creating more positive spiritual energy, you will see many improvements and you will help others more than you ever thought possible, this is a true blessing.

Having positive energy is very contagious, the same goes for negativity, you need to be careful of not engaging in negative discussions, gossip and talking behind someone’s back. Constantly working on absorbing the positive from all your surroundings, will attract and bring positive energy in everything you do.

Happy and pleasant thoughts attract good events and situations in your life, bad thoughts will attract bad situations. The stronger your thoughts are, the stronger the emotions and especially in the matters of love. The key here is to first change your thought pattern, this will change everything in your life.

The more happy and at peace you feel, the more powerful energy  powers you bring in. Love is a very deep emotion try to spend time with your soulmate and loved ones.

Valentines day 2015 is approaching us in the next few weeks this can bring in a lot of deep emotional energy both happy and sad. If you are miles apart or going through something of separation or break up with your soulmate there can be sense of sadness especially when we are right in the middle of Mercury retrograde (it’s over before Valentines day). Try to do something to bring your spirits up focus on yourself, don’t let anything bring your energy down, keep saying these positive affirmations:

I love myself and I’m a wonderful person inside and out.

I accept everything in my life and have everything I need.

I appreciate myself and everything I have been blessed with

I can do anything, I will put my mind to it.

I will not waste my energy with negativity.

I will not let people pull me down.

I’m patient and will accomplish all my goals in time.

Saying these types of positive and loving affirmations will attract the positive in your life.

In order to allow positivity in your life, you will first need to release any negative feeling and energy you may be holding onto from your past, this is toxic in your life especially if there is a grudge against someone from your past, you need to let go and allow the God to take control.


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Attract Love & Positive energy for 2015!

We are all Spiritual Magnets!

 In the month of January most of us experience cold and snowy weather, it's a good time to snuggle up alone or with your partner at home and watch a funny TV show (I love modern family) or movie, this alone time with yourself or your soulmate will set the energy that you are happy and love yourself.  These strategies work for the New Year, but applying them in your life gradually. Not all at once ~  EVERY DAY!  I know with past New Year resolutions they fade after a month and won’t ever work if you give up and you have the same year again this year.When we send out positive energy through emotions, feelings, thoughts and vibrations, we attract positivity in our lives. When we dwell on negativity, we attract negative energy.

To attract positive energy in life, you need to change or shift the energy. Everything in the world is made of energy and that includes us. People can tune in and pick up on your energy. If you feel positive energy you will attract positive people, with positive situations into your life. The same is if you have negative energy, you will attract negative people, along with negative situations into your life.

If you are not getting what you want out of life, you are sending the wrong energy. You will attract all that corresponds to current energy level. Negative energy will attract negative situations. The Positive energy will attracts positive situations.

If we set out our energy to attract heath, vitality, longevity and wellness into ourselves, we need stop circulating toxic, negative feelings and thoughts about ourselves.


Here are some New Year 2015 ways to attract positivity into your life, this also boosts your immune system and balancing daily stress.
1.  This is the first step is to love and accept yourself just as you are today. Some of us has made New Year resolutions to lose weight and workout, which is fantastic for your health, but just remember we can only improve ourselves with changing our lifestyles. While you have your plan in motion remind yourself of  your wonderful  and beautiful qualities.  Adding to it every day of the year.
2.  Let go of past resentments and disappointments about who you were in 2014.  Stop beating yourself up in self blame and past issues that occurred. It’s in the past and today is 2015, start fresh.
3.  Stop both gossip and negative talk about people that you may have had a previous conflict with, try not to look for reasons to criticize and blame people for their act and omissions.  People are people and don’t let their energy control you. It’s in the past and can’t be changed.  
4.  Stop giving your spiritual power away.  Try to use your time, and energy wisely. Think that every time you focus on the negative, you are depleting your spiritual energy rather than re-charging your energy. Focusing on circulating along with circulating positive energy.
5.  Use positive visualization, instead of thinking about the worst case scenarios,  visualize things as you would like them to be. This of positive outcomes and happy endings.
6.  Don’t talk about any weaknesses or illness with others. When you pay more attention on what you do not want in your life, the more energy it absorbs. Focusing your attention on everything that make you feel good about yourself, this promotes self healing and positive well being. Visualize yourself in a state of perfect health.
 7.  Having love in your heart is actually the antidote to fear.  Appreciate the blessings in your life, expressing gratitude for everything, you will begin to spiritually flow in a healing energy bath (rather than holding on to toxic energy).  Developing your attitude with gratitude, make a list of all the things you are thankful everyday.
If you are searching for your Soulmate (or having a conflict) this is the time to put the love energy out there, when searching for or trying to mend a broken relationship, you need to first love yourself, loving someone else if great but always remember you come first. Think of yourself as your best friend so when your BFF is hurting you, try to cheer and bring your friend up and not allow sadness or depression bring her/him down, so instead take your BFF out, call a few friends over or go shopping (January has excellent sales)
8.  Understand that you have the power with in your soul to spiritually heal yourself.  This healing power flows through your positive thoughts.  meditate on positive energy to circulate in your chakras and eliminating stress off your spirit and actually boosting your immune system.
9.  Always be happy. Thank God for everything and appreciating every moment in your life believing and loving in yourself for who you are. Being  grateful for even the small blessings.   Making your happiness the #1  priority.  When ever you are positive, you attract a positive well-being, When we surround our self with total happiness, we boost our immune system, allowing our body to process energy reserves for spiritual healing.
10.  In the month of January most of us experience cold and snowy weather, it’s a good time to snuggle up alone or with your partner at home and watch a funny TV show (I love modern family) or movie, this alone time with yourself or your soulmate will set the energy that you are happy and love yourself.


These strategies work for the New Year, but applying them in your life gradually. Not all at once ~  EVERY DAY!

I know with past New Year resolutions they fade after a month and won’t ever work if you give up and you have the same year again this year.

Yes it’s hard to get adjusted, but worth the effort. Your health, happiness, vitality, longevity are the primary focus for 2015.

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Making Positive 2015 Resolutions for Love & Spirituality

Wow can you believe that this year is almost over? And ready to start 2015.


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Happy New Year 2015

Sometimes a year may of have been the kindest to us, so we need to look forward to new beginnings for 2015, the chance to change and make things better if they were not positive.

This is the best time to forgive and try to forget the hard times we may of  experienced in 2014. And it is also the time to appreciate and be grateful for everything and the gifts we received throughout 2014.

It’s a time to let go and find ways to be more positive, or change something or a  part of ourselves that will make us happier with a more fulfilled and spiritual life.

Every day and every moment is a new opportunity for a positive new beginning, most of us wait until January 1 to make changes that we often think will give us a happier year to come. The down fall is there is so much pressure to succeed with a new year resolution, that most people fail with in the first 3 months. It’s difficult to make a commitment that will last if you planed on it months in advance.

With motivation and determination, we have the will power to make changes happen, and make positive changes that will lead us to more happy, spiritual and fulfilled for 2015. In light of the opportunities ahead of us to make positive and supportive resolutions for the new year, I offer a few simple recommendations that will give you some motivation and succeed in 2015.


Tips to make 2015 a Successful, Positive and Lucky New Year

Do things to improve you:  Lose some weight for 2015 –  Quit smoking – Eat healthy and clean – Stay away from processed and fast foods- Exercise and get more fit. That’s fantastic!

Even if you are planning one these few things, you are improving your health and removing toxins out of your body, this is the key to bring in a new and healthy new year.

Just remember it takes time to achieve any these resolutions, make sure you have a support buddy or join an online support group to get through the withdrawal. You can do this because you are worth it and deserve it a beautiful and healthy life.

Being more Realistic about your Financial Goals – Find a better job – Start a new business – Make more money.  You can’t expect to fix your problems overnight. Be patient,  choose what you know right now and that you can handle that will work toward your goals. Remember Rome was not  built over night,  be patient with yourself.  Believe in yourself you can achieve your goal in time.

Start from a peaceful place of gratitude. No matter the challenges that we face in our lives, we have so much in our lives to be grateful for.  Where you find the strength to follow your dreams.

Don’t expect to succeed because you made a 2015 resolution. Take it one day at a time and little by little you will achieve your goal.

Be a Fighter – Anyone can dwell in the past, it takes real strength to believe in yourself for the future.

Getting more in touch with Spirituality – You need to believe and keep your faith in God – No matter what your religion or culture, having strong faith that you can reach your goals, overcoming obstacles, you need to be positive. The power prayer, you need support from above, ASK FOR IT. If your needing help, FIND IT. Believe with your heart and yourself that you will succeed in what you set out your goal to be and don’t stop believing in your dreams.

Breaking up or separation from your love relationship – If your hurting in a love relationship. Healing can take time no matter if there is reconciling in your future with your partner or moving on, always focus on yourself. Don’t think you failed, think of this as an experience, be kind to yourself and forgive and  start over. NOW is the perfect time for changes. Take it one day at time, many relationships are Soulmates or Twinflames who lost their path and may need time find them selves back on track and together again, in any case always think positive about your self and that things happen for a reason.

Bringing in the new year with Positive energy is known to be very lucky and the power of it is found in the simple act of sharing your light.

Sharing  the love inside makes your life whole and more than your own existence, sharing your light touches many others, it can change the world, if we all would partake in sharing. It may not change the world right away, but it does plant a seed, which grows day by day and will continue beyond what you ever expected.

And receiving is opening your spirit to others around you. It’s allowing others to share their love. We can learn from one another.

Happy New Year! May 2015 fill you with great magnificence, love and beauty, growth, peace and fulfillment that all your dreams come true!


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