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How To Raise love Vibrations: Soulmate Energy

A Soulmate can enter in our lives at any time in different types of relationships from our family, friends to love relationships.

We all have a large number of soul mates out there and meet them throughout our life, as you know there are many different types.  My definition of a soul mate connection is someone who you have a deep spiritual bond with.

When you both first meet, you get this feeling that you know this person from your past and it’s because you do! You know one another on a soul level.

Soul mates usually come in when you least expect it.  Many soul mates remain for our lives, others be passing through and then leave once the energy is complete.

There so many different theories on the internet about our twinflame or that they are different from a soul mate connection. Actually the highest soul mate connection we can achieve because it is our other half. There are many levels of soul mates and each one has it own unique spiritual energy vibration.

A lot of people think when they meet their twinflame that their lives will become perfect, a match made in heaven.  Many time when you do meet your Twinflame, the opposite can happen and it can feel like a toxic relationship. This is when the runner is not aware of the soul connection and the chaser is left behind waiting for them to be reunited, as I explained in my previous post the Runner and the Chaser.

These Soulmate connections are more than a physical relationship.  Of course there is a deep attraction between Soulmates. This level of soul vibration is much more than just sex. This is about the energy between them two. A higher level soul connection means, we shine a mirror on our souls.  The strength in them both is their weaknesses and visa – versa and this turns can sometimes create chaos and anxiety.

Many people try to run away when they meet higher level soul connection, this relationship uncovers all of our deepest secrets and brings out the things we dislike most about ourselves. But when we run, we are running away from yourself.

As I mention in my previous articles, it’s not good to set yourself out searching and seeking a specific soulmate, this will only lead to confusion and disappointment, meeting people everyday even if you are not at first attracted or feel any spark, it may lead you to your soulmate or twinflame.

The Signs you will know when you meet your Soulmate.

  • You feel compassion with a deep love, especially when you don’t know about each other
  • Knowing how the person feeling or thinking without saying a word
  • Feeling unconditional love and seeing their soul in each others eyes- this is Beautiful
  •  You feel complete when you both are near one another even when involved in different activities
  • The bring out either the best or worst in one another, along with fears
  • This is is sometimes extremely difficult to tolerate, they sometimes need to separate from each other and that’s when you have to remind yourself that this has to happen so we could heal and manifest deeper together
  • You will find an increase in your spiritual abilities – There will be an increased your vibration of love and light with your both spiritual connection
  • Knowing that you both have been brought in this lifetime for a spiritual purpose and learn lessons from one another
If have this feeling that you met your soulmate or twinflame, it can be very difficult, extreme, scary and very intense, but this soulmate connection is worth it.

Follow these soulmate guidelines in your life to raise your love vibration level to enhance, attract or reunite your soulmate in your life.

First learn to love yourself. Think about it, If you can not love yourself, you can not expect anyone to love you either. When you are judging or criticize yourself, you’re sending out negative vibes out to everyone around you.

When you embrace and love yourself will send out positive vibes, attracting many people to you. Start generating good feelings about yourself, look at yourself everyday in the mirror and tell your self you love yourself, this sends out those positive love vibes!

Nourish your self with lots of love, appreciation, healthy clean food, positive thinking. Start caring for yourself like you are important.

Believe what you desire in your heart is possible. You must have faith that finding or reuniting with your soulmate is possible.  Understanding your desires will attract your desires to manifest. Visualization is important with soulmate connections. Try visualizing what you truly want in your soulmate relationship and how to correct any mistakes that may have been made previously, Trust in your heart, what you want is out there for you.

Raise your love vibration to the highest. The most powerful step with connecting, attracting or reuniting with your soul mate is to raise your love vibration. You need keep that vibration high. We all operate on a certain frequency so when our love vibration raises, we are connected to a spiritual realm.

We clearly hear, see, feel our angels and spirit guides, who bring messages that you will unite with your soulmate. Listen to these instructions as they can come in more frequently as you are living a spiritual life. When you start living like this, you will be a magnet for true love and radiate love to everyone around you.

Raising your love vibration is easy,  start by spending time in nature, daily prayers and meditation also listening to soft or meditation music, another way is by serving people in need.

Let go of your past hurt and allowing healing to your heart this will allow you to magnetize love.

You may not know it but actually resenting someone in your life or not being able to forgive will binds you to this person.

When you start to let go and heal the scars of your past negativity, you will open the door to a positive and fulfilling life.

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