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Valentine’s Day Love Tips for Divine Soulmate Twin Flames Connections

Valentines day represents love and should be expressed to loved ones 365 days not just on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is a beautiful celebration of all love and relationships. February 14, 2015 we give gifts and spend time with our soulmates, family and friends.
Happy Valentines day 2015!
Valentine’s Day is a beautiful celebration of all love and relationships. On February 14, 2018  we give gifts and spend time with our Divine soulmates, family and friends.
Valentine’s Day’s traditions are usually giving Roses, gift baskets, cute teddy bears, Disney characters are popular for 2018 (Frozen, beauty and beast etc.) perfume or chocolates along with a romantic date night. In schools for years children give cute Valentines Cards with heart candy saying be my mine. Valentine’s Day also is a religious association, with the Anglican and Lutheran church. There are Religious ceremonies  that feature church services and feasts in certain areas of the world.
Over the years it was the only day to express your love.
Everyday should be expressions of your love, as if it’s Valentine’s Day everyday.

We need love and want to be surrounded by energy of love, appreciated for the good we do and feel comfortable who we are. Why does it become so stressful?   First you have to love yourself with all your heart and then you can love others This is called self-love.

Everyone wants love, but sometimes forget the true meaning behind it first one must be able to give and receive love completely. To make this Valentine’s Day 2018 dedicated to your soulmate, Twinflame or loved ones . Try some of these helpful tips for the entire 2018 year

A Soulmate can enter in your life unexpectedly. Although you do have more than one, not all are the same. Many times they enter in her life for a brief time to help us learn something about ourselves. This is to fulfill our destiny and grow spiritually. With so many different Soulmates that enter in one's lifetime, there's always a divine purpose and why they met. Dating is never easy and meeting so many different people can be confusing. Always wondering if there are my Soulmate or Twin flame? Only to learn that they are the wrong person, helping you pass a test to learn a valuable lesson in your life. I'm asked all the time about "how to speed the process up to find your true soulmate or how to tell if this is your twin flame?" Or just find somebody that can't fill that empty feeling of loneliness. Commonly, you can be involved in a committed relationship and you suddenly find your Soulmate or Twin flame on some type of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more). It will cause confusion and now your life has taken different turns in so many different directions. Opening your eyes to see more clear about your life choices, making you see that this committed relationship was not truly committed. Making you realize where you are in life and what changes you need to make for your future. The problem was not because you went looking for your Soulmate but they were sent to you to help you discover deeper things about yourself and the choices you need to make for your future. Many would think that this is at the wrong time that your Twin flame has entered in your life. But actually it was all in divine timing, you never went looking but found, without realizing that they were your Twin flame. If you were in a similar type of situation and find yourself very drawn to someone. Really look at what is going on in your relationship and try to find balance. An awakening can happen at any time, with awakenings they are an eye-opener to healing your past wounds to move forward. Everyone's situation is unique and not everybody's going to be going to the same type of challenge. Think of it is part of growing up spiritually. That you have to get through different types of love relationships that you may have had struggle and pain with. Only to find that this type of situation was not what you thought it was until you met the "One" You true Soulmate or Twin flame. What happens is you both are not ready? This is often called the runner and chaser stages. This is when letting go and releasing any type of toxic and negative energy out of your life. You're not completely ready, you are scared. Then they are not available or ready, just yet because of their own emotional issues. There is a lot of pain and heartache when the two cannot be together. Asking yourself questions on why your twin flame entered your life? but cannot be a part of your life? You may have tried moving on finding another but always finding yourself back with them sooner or later. The runner and chaser stages, The cycle goes around in circles. This plays a big role in both souls working on themselves and healing whatever it is until they are ready to come together in a divine union. Despite of whatever is happening in both of your lives, the Universe has a plan and there's nothing you can do to cut the ties or speed them up. Often we are sent other people to help us, many times they are a type of soulmate that can get us through these challenges. Spiritual awakenings is when we are discovering about ourselves that's when we can see that we are really living and we can open ourselves to what is truly in our life. Many times we grow out of something of a situation that we thought was going to last forever. You have to really examine and look for the truth that can't be denied. Your Soulmate enters in your life and your life has changed and turned right around. Now you're surrounded by life, you thought you were grounded, come to find that you were actually behind a mask. You meet your twin flame and everything seems perfect but then you realize that you may have went through your awakening before your Twin did. Trying to understand why you met this person when you were not ready for your soulmate and now they are not awake. The best thing to do is not stress and be hard on yourself. It is not time yet for either of you to come together, but it is time for you to work on yourself. Eliminating the negative and toxic situations out of your life, being more assertive on what you want and most importantly loving yourself first before everyone. It's not a selfish act but you need to really embrace the love in your heart. Treating yourself with respect, never being hard on yourself with negative words and not allowing anyone to ever bring you down. This is the first step with connecting with your soulmate. This is all part of the process with correcting and working on yourself. It is a very challenging but most rewarding experience to be united with your soulmate -Twin flame.

1. Healing

Your Soul mate can help heal your energy, but when there issues, he/she can not fix you. This is an important process of detoxing old beliefs, healing a broken heart and moving away from relationships in the past. If healing hasn’t began through via therapy, spiritual healing or some other form of light work, you need to be calm and find your center and mediate on yourself.

2. Love yourself First

Take a few hours on Valentine’s Day and spend it with you. Keep away from Cell phones, looking through your emails, and stay away from the TV. Go back to the basics with yourself. We all can get busy that we end up neglecting ourselves.

Fill this time up with something that makes you happy and feel beautiful, and loved. Try taking a a walk, try a fitness a class (ie; Zumba, Body pump and etc,)  meditation or yoga. This will enhance your spiritual energy and increase your ability to love stronger for others and appreciate their gifts.

2. Don’t hate your marital status

If you are finding yourself asking yourself – When will I ever find soulmate or twinflame? – instead embrace your currant situation (single or married) and love yourself. It is important to use this time preparing for your soulmate or make changes to the future. There are some people who hate being single and married, but no one wants to be alone, but for the singles this is their time to prepare and balance before you settle down.

3. Eat Clean and healthy

What we eat will reflect on our body and how we feel during the day it’s very important to stay away from processed and fake foods, going back to the basics with whole foods (organic if possible). Try going vegan for one day or two, flushing out toxins and negativity will help you feel and even look better. You may have plans or not this Valentine’s Day, but try and eat a nourishing and nutritious meal that your body craves and will energize and uplift your spirit.

4. Visualization and meditation

There are so many creative and spiritual ways that can raise your spiritual and vibrational energy that will help draw in love. To begin you first need to visualize the type of love you need then tune into that love.

Always visualize, dream, pray for love, never give up hope. Saving pics from the internet, clipping pictures of soulmates and meditating over them, using any creative energy asking the divine to help with the cleansing process!

Try getting together with a friend or a few friends who are in similar situation as you are if it’s a break-up, separation, or trying to find your true soulmate, you will be able to support each other with this difficult process during Valentines day.

5. Paying attention to Spiritual signals and signs.

Our spirits are continuously urging us to move forward. We are all given messages and visions helping us on our paths. We are given inspiration for certain places to go and spiritual guidance on every level. When the Spirit begins to do its thing of bringing a new Relationship into our life or a mend broken back together, you do recognize love when it knocks on the door.

This year 2018 make this the best Valentine’s Day ever and celebrate You!

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Soulmates from Past Lives

The memories from their past together will them give dej vu.

When they are connected, it can bring back certain memories of love, passion, and emotional energy from their past life.

past lives, soulmates, twinflame connections living a past life together
Soulmates with Past lives

Soulmates from past lives share a special connection that never dies.

The happiness of being in with other is beautiful and eternal. There are occasional memories and flashbacks, which sometimes will lead to confusion, Once they are connected they send powerful strength and passion to each other.

Their spirits may not recognize each other in this lifetime who they are in their human bodies. They will feel intense energy and feel they know this person and it feels very familiar. Even for a few moments there’s an inner recognition of both sides.

This moment may be so brief, that Soulmates have to be very aware to recognize it. This will be extremely quick, and happens to most all Soulmate connections who have some type of Karmic ties (Twinflames too).

The more past-lives Soulmates share together, the more vivid the memories will be.

Sometimes Soulmates may not need to know that much as it was and need space also time to focus on this life exclusively, without any interference from a past lives soulmate connection.

The true goal for soulmates is the other one’s happiness, whether it be in this lifetime or the next life.

Their spirits search to be close and connected, they feel each other intuitively before they meet up and many times, having a psychic session or past life regression will help guide them on their path towards to one another.

The Universe decides when to awaken both Soulmates to who they are for each other. This can take some years or even into the next life.

There are highs and extreme lows with Soulmates, sometimes they need to allow their other half to live totally free, allowing the energy to manifest when the time is right.

It is extremely vital to completely understand that we have more than that enters into our lives and with the different types, please read my the information I’ve provided about Soulmates to give you a better understanding soulmate relationship, also read about understanding Soulmates and the power struggles that face.

The heart chakra opens with they are together and gives love so freely with unconditional love to the other.

Soulmates carry a never dying love for each other no matter what their circumstances are, yes there are also important lessons to be learned that they need to allow the complete experience happen from this present life without any interference, unless of course there is karmic debt, which needs to be balanced.

Sometimes Soulmate relationships are not meant to be together in this life, it can be a learning a spiritual lesson in this lifetime. It’s difficult, because some people find it impossible to let go of that intoxicating love experience. Soulmate and Twinflame relationships can still work through the chaos.

Not all soul mates are destined to be together either, if you’re involved with someone and it’s a deep friendship or you share a spiritual connection with someone that is absolutely amazing. So pure you both completely merge together, then you have found a Soul mate.

But if you are confused about whether your partner, and wondering if this is a Soul mate, Twin flame or Past life connection that you need to work through or could it be an addiction or obsession.

You maybe be asking yourself:
Does this relationship bring me love?
is there a future for us?
Do we feel complete together?
Why do we love each other one min, then argue like cats and dogs?


If the answer is yes, this is a soulmate relationship with some past life energy to be worked out. If your answers are no, then this is the type of soulmate that sends a message and you both learn a valuable lesson from each other applying it to your destiny.

If you are having a difficult time with your partner and wondering if it’s an actual soulmate, twinflame, karmic or just a toxic relationship that you need to move on from.  Schedule a Psychic Soulmate reading today and learn the truth about your Relationship.

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Moon Energy – How it effects us Spiritually

The Power of the Moon

The moon can pull water in and out with the ocean, it's no mystery that it will affect us too. The human body is actually 70 percent
Moon Energy
The moon can pull water in and out with the ocean, it’s no mystery that it will affect us too. The human body is actually 70 percent of water.

For many years, I’ve studied the energy cycles and the power of the moon. From the beginning of time people understood the movement of the moon, effects many people, in both physically and mentally.

Because the goes through several phases, it re-appears brand new each month, it has become associated with death, sex and rebirth. The power of the moon can give a boost of energy for healing, achievement and having an effect on soulmate relationships.

The moon is also thought to help women better than men, it’s recognized though a significant effect on women’s cycles. Also enhancing intuitive abilities in many areas that respond more easily to it.


There are different times of the moon phases that are more appropriate for different areas in our lives, you may notice your dreams are intensified (vivid and very colorful) sometimes extreme like a nightmare during the full moon or you may have deeper visions through visualizations.

If you are having issues with reoccurring nightmares, I highly recommend putting a few crystals under your pillow, a few of my favorites are Amethyst, Agate, Seraphinite and Jade, these are common gemstones, their energies are effective for producing calming and also spiritual dreams, they open chakras as they assist in a restful sleep, alleviating all nightmares, and etc..

The full moon  (Super moons are more powerful) is the most powerful night of the month for love relationships and especially for Soulmates and Twinflames.

It’s the perfect time to experiment with psychic energy and spirituality, for example; You receive Psychic or Tarot oracle card reading on a full moon, you will find you can understand things on a deeper level and more in-depth than your usual reading. Soulmates and Twinflame energy are intensified and most soulmates and Twinflames reunite or get back together during a full moon more than anytime of the month.

Also If you are receiving a spiritual cleansing or Reiki healing , it most likely will be more powerful and intense.

You will find you have increase of physical energy, if your a fitness competitor, personal trainer, Fitness or Zumba instructor, you will find that you are putting more of your all into your workouts or classes than any other time of the month.

Now on the new moon, the power of creation for new situations increases – It’s the best time out of the month to start a new project. The new moon is also a very spiritual time to meditate because beginning of spiritual energy and guidance directly from our Universe shines directly upon you.

Meditation under the moon-light is a powerful way to give an extra boost to your visualizations.

The Moon Energies

The moon has different energies during its cycle, from the new moon to the complete full moon.  Each of the 8 the cycles creates a  process of manifestation. These phases have a duration of approx 28 days of the moon cycle (not calendar).

 1-3 New:  Energy creating a vision for new beginnings
3 – 6 Crescent: Energy for organizing the resources that are needed to accomplish the vision.
6 – 9 First quarter: is using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling the vision
10 – 13 Gibbous: Energy helping us reach our goals, gathering opinions from others.
13 – 17 Full: Brings manifestation and progress towards our goals. Spiritual energy intensifies and soul energy comes to life.
Day 17 – 21 Disseminating moon helps us distribute and share what we have learned, or to have a clearer understanding of what to do next.
21 – 24 Third quarter: The moon is in a completion phase.
24 – 28 Balsamic:  It’s time to be alone, and reflect on yourself, retreat, and release attachment spiritually.  It’s time to relax, rest and be introspective. Through out this time vision clears and we prepare again to next new moon.

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The Spiritual Number 11-11 ~ Explained

Do you ever feel drawned to the number 11, always looking at the clock and notice the numbers 11:11 or noticing numbers almost everywhere with 11:11?

Make a Wish!
11:11 Make a Wish!

Many people who are on a direct spiritual path are being presented this specific number and is is a common occurrence.
So you wonder what is this message of 11:11 really mean?

Could your guides and angels trying to get your attention? Do they have a specific message to give you?

The truth of seeing 11:11 is actually subject to a spiritual interpretation. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question of What 11:11 truly mean?

We approaching 11/11 or November 11, 2014 and you may see it more often than most other times.
But to provide a little insight, here is a look at some things to which 11:11 means.

Increased Spiritual Awareness

When you see 11:11, be sure to pay attention, 11-11 is a sign to be aware!

When you see 11-11, try to pay close attention to what ever you was just thinking or feeling, also what’s happening around you. the numbers 1111 can be a simple reminder, your thoughts are spiritually manifesting, stay positive. It also means your angels are reaching out to you. And with psychic awareness you can feel and experience the energy.

Be aware in the moment you see these numbers, and you will be able to decipher the hidden meaning behind 11:11 for yourself.
Your spirit guides and angels are protecting you!

11:11 is a doorway between psychic realms to an alternate universe. Seeing 11-11 signifies your Spirit Guides and Angels are contact you.

Spiritual Awakenings.

11:11 is an invitation to awaken your spirit and experiencing the energy deeper. It’s actually a wake up call to tune into the spiritual realms, this is a time for Soulmates and twinflame to reconnect and find their path to each other.

If you are noticing 11-11 all the time, it is usually experienced by soulmates or twinflames who have started a spiritual journeys, and/or going to encounter a spiritual journey of total discovery.

Perhaps 11:11 you are drawned to this number, it holds a spiritual code to unlock secrets of your subconscious, and becoming in sync with the higher workings of the light, your purpose and reason for living.

With numerology 11 is the Master number that represents intuition, genius, creativity, and fulfillment. 11-11 is awakening your spirit to expressing these types of qualities in your life.

11:11 presents an opportunities and to reflect on your true purpose for this lifetime. It’s a call to balance and to paying attention to the power in your spirit and mastering the lessons in front of you.

11:11 is powerful and very lucky set of numbers, it manifests your thoughts and when ever you see the 11 11, try to focus on what you really want and take control consciously, to create positive spiritual blessings

11:11 is an early peek through a spiritual portal that connects us to alternate paradigm, it exists side by the side with spirituality. 11-11 invites you to discover that door to the portal, learning how to spiritual guidance is there for you.

Find out more what messages the angels are sending you, with a spiritual session, schedule your psychic reading, available for phone, chat and text.

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