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It’s Time for A Psychic Spring Cleaning

Spring Equinox is almost here March 20 2015.

Love Is The Air! Begin to visualize the negativity fading away and losing all its strength, giving it no power to take place in your life, you have to over power it with thinking positive. Soulmates and Twinflames come together during Spring.
Love Is the Air!

Everyone starts to spring clean this time of the year, making our homes clean, fresh, calmer, luckier and filled positive energy (as I mentioned in my previous post about Feng Shui).

Over the previous year, we accumulate things that we no longer need, it may of had some significance in the past. Some items in our lives are associated with negativity and keep us in the past situations. We all want to start off fresh in our lives, sometimes previous love relationships change, some disconnecting and some reuniting, with an end there is always a new beginning.

Spring is also a time for Love and especially for Soul mate and Twin Flame connections, it’s a time when souls mates are drawned to one another more than any other time for the year. You could be in a stalemate relationship that is going no where and preventing you from finding your true Soul mate, this is a time to reflect, pray and really examine the future of your situation.

Yes Spring cleaning your life can be difficult, letting go of a relationship can be heart breaking but staying in a toxic one also also heart breaking, the decision is yours, just remember the benefits always helps us uncover new beginnings, true spring cleansing your psyche energy.

Negative Reminders

A cluttered house leaves you at a stand still, unable to use space will prevent from being proactive and productive in many areas of your life. If you think about how certain energies become stagnant and negative memories of past emotions can be stifling.  Psychic clutter can serve a painful reminder of negative situations and toxic energy from people that we have not separated ourselves from please read my previous post about surrounding your self with positive energy.

Emotional Energy

Cleaning your home, office requires very little effort, and cleaning your psyche too.  First begin with a white sage smudge cleansing in your home, if this is not available you can use a essential sage oil in a defuse or dab in on your wrists, then find a place to relax to meditate, clear your mind of all your thoughts from your day, usually at the end of the day is ideal.

The key here is  that you need to feel fully relaxed, allow your spiritual energy to visualize images of things and situations that you haven’t moved on from. Saying positive affirmations every day to keep your spirit alive and positive is an absolute must.

These images could bring stronger emotions from your heart chakra. If this happens, please allow yourself to release these emotions, since they are berried deep in your soul. if you are feeling anger, allow your spirit to release it.

These negative and stagnant feelings are at the beginning of you healing and moving forward, so it’s very important to allow them to break through.

Begin to visualize the negativity fading away and losing all its strength, giving it no power to take place in your life, you have to over power it with thinking positive.

Allow your hopes and dreams to manifest to it’s highest, let Spring 2015 be your year for motivating others but most importantly accomplishing your goals and dreams.

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