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Twinflames – Runner and Chaser Explained!

The Definition of the Runner and Chaser in Twinflame connections.

The original soulmate connection. Twinflames
Twinflames Reuniting

By Ann Elizabeth

The original soulmate connection.

We can connect happily and comfortably to that person. With very little effort, (not like Twinflames). We find our self in very compatible love relationship.

Then there is the karmic soulmate connection – You may feel a very intense feeling for that person, they come into your life to help teach you something. Sometimes the lesson can be extremely painful, but is very necessary for spiritual growth.

Then there is Twin Souls or Twin Flames connection.

There is an instant compelled attraction of energy, the spiritual energy of the two spirits connecting over time. Over several miles, and most of the time over years.

Usually there is the initial meeting of Twinflames and one half is more spiritually “awakened”. Where the other may not need time to realize, this can take time.

There can be emotional pain even more when there are reminder from memories of previous past lives when they were disconnected.
Twin souls

Twinflames can remain in contact, but mostly the two are broken apart and separated for many years working on their own lives deal with karma in other situations before reuniting years later.

There is always one half who is the stronger vessel, realizing the two have more energy to share together this often referred to the chaser. Always looking for answers why things ended the way they did, never having closure.


The Chaser can feel the intensity of this relationship and understands that it is extremely special. This feeling is always a lingering feeling there even if the chaser doesn’t consciously know what to expect.

The intensity of love that chaser feels for their twin flame is more than they have ever felt. When the Twinflame Runner just runs away without any warning, the chaser will feel an intense emotional serge of energy more than they can handle.

At that point, they will do almost anything to help and get back together with the Runner.

The pain from those past lives comes back when the Runner runs away.

Twinflame energy connecting 2015
Twinflame Energy

There can be emotional pain even more when there are reminder from memories of previous past lives when they were disconnected (be sure to read my previous post about Past life Soulmates.

The Chaser knows there is a deeper meaning to their  love relationship they need be together and has a feeling inside that everything fits like a puzzle, the both complete each other.



The Chaser might be confused and might not even be able to understand why this is so strong and has never felt this way with anyone else? And will continue to wait it out for the Runner, knowing that they can’t to lose the Runner in this life, no matter what.

That is when an awakening happens. Understanding the intensity sacredness of this relationship. Knowing that Twinflames belong together no matter what. This is very difficult for the Chaser, and takes time. Once the runner phase is over, the Runner will realize where they are at and will actually return, to be reunited.

With everything the Twinflame Chaser is going through, the runner will return.

Many of you have written me over last few months on what to expect with a Soulmate, Twinflame connection, in this article I will explain the process and trials that Soulmates, Twinflame can sometimes go through before finding harmony with one another. It's a controversial subject with many different views online on what all of this means, I've been researching it and for many years, also asked the my Guides, on how to describe the process of this beautiful soul connection. The Twinflame or what is sometimes called a Twin Soul, is actually, the other half of your spirit. At the beginning, you were created with one spirit separating into two souls, one masculine the other feminine, that would make it energetically part of you! And because of the separation you had with your other half, your unconscious mind is always searching for that divine powerful connection. This is the main reason people turn lover relationships away, and continue to search, not exactly knowing what they are really looking for in relationship. They are missing their Twin-Flame, but it doesn't always mean you will find your twinflame at the same time. Actually there is 50% chance you will meet in a liftime. When you do meet your Twinflame, it will be an amazingly intense surge of energy. There will be no doubt in your mind that this person is the "ONE". You will feel like you're on an energetic level, you will feel differently, also you think differently. This is an absolutely life changing event for the both of you. This can also happen with same sex relationships. Some people incarnated as the same sex, nevertheless, it's no less intense or powerful than any other relationship. Everyone is different, and yes everyone has a Twinflame, and you may be with a compatible soulmate, that's great, you will find many similarities as yourself and be content with your soulmate, the love will be strong and you both can live a long and abundant life. The universe has a plan for you to be with someone you can love and be loved, live in harmony and find peace with each other. Your Twinflame may not be meant to be joined with you in this lifetime, it will follow into the next. However, there are reasons why you were unable to meet up, your other half is in another part of the world, or has not awoken spiritually, you will still be able to have a perfectly content and happy life with your Soulmate for now, perhaps you will meet up with your Twinflame in the next lifetime. But once you do meet your Twin flame it will change your life forever, if you are involved in a relationship, I hate to break it to you, but things with your partner or spouse will be ever be the same. You and your twinflame will have no mistake, you know each other inside and out, at the first site and day of meeting up. Twinflame connections are the most strongest and intense bond between couples, even if you meet your Twinflame when you're young, you will be together for your entire lives. The spiritual connection is so powerful it becomes what defines you as a person. A beautiful and exciting experience starts to unfold when you're with your Twin Soul. It will open many hidden emotions and you will have to come to terms with yourself and finally accept or just let go of past negativities and disappointments in your life. This purging and Detoxing process. Sometimes it can be a very toxic relationship then changing to the most rewarding experience your have ever felt. It will actually force you to search even deeper in yourself than ever before then lay everything on the table (so to speak). You will never be able to hide anything from your Twinflame. Over time it's gets better, you have built an amazingly unbreakable spirit bond that is sealed tight with pure unconditional love. Twinflames don't have it easy, there is always some type of chaos and negative standing in front of twinflames connecting, sometimes Twinflames have a difficult time with a process of finding one another and usually it means there is some type of pain and hurt involved. Every situation is different and unique in its own way, please read my article about Soulmates and Twinflames to get a better understanding on the chaotic energy they may face. When you first meet your Twinflame, the strong energy of positivity awake to a higher level of spirituality, your goals are now mirrored into another person. You are about to manifest the life t you always wanted, feel as that you can accomplish more than ever. This has to start with you. If your alone and still searching for a Soulmate, Twinflame or partner can enhance love in your life, that's great, but you need to be satisfied with who you are and where you are from. Don't think, you will be content and happy when you are in a relationship. This is the main reason relationships fail, some of the most wealthiest people in the world are completely miserable, remember money can't buy love. Some Soulmate and Twinflame relationships suffer stressful energy with depression, anxiety and panic attacks You need to be completely secure with your self, knowing yourself worth, having your way of rising above all challenges in life.
Soulmate Love

Twinflames are connected by an eternal sacred soul bond that will never break.

They are created for each other and as long as they both are on earth, nothing or no one can take them away.

Twinflames will come back once they are completely ready for the intensity of this connection. It can take time, chasing is not going to speed things up.

During the connection process of both Twin souls need to remain strong.  Twin flame connections never happen at the most convenient times.  They usually are in committed relationships, having money issues, and living miles apart, there are many practical reasons why these two, shouldn’t be together. Very common can be a big differences in age, cultures or religion, the list goes on, but they still manage to be together no matter what the circumstances are.

The relationship between Twin flames is very spiritual. You’ll understand the twinflame relationship, the more you explore your spirituality.

Please read my previous blog posts about Soulmates and Twinflames

Check out my Soulmate and Twinflame Videos on Youtube:

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Soulmates from Past Lives

The memories from their past together will them give dej vu.

When they are connected, it can bring back certain memories of love, passion, and emotional energy from their past life.

past lives, soulmates, twinflame connections living a past life together
Soulmates with Past lives

Soulmates from past lives share a special connection that never dies.

The happiness of being in with other is beautiful and eternal. There are occasional memories and flashbacks, which sometimes will lead to confusion, Once they are connected they send powerful strength and passion to each other.

Their spirits may not recognize each other in this lifetime who they are in their human bodies. They will feel intense energy and feel they know this person and it feels very familiar. Even for a few moments there’s an inner recognition of both sides.

This moment may be so brief, that Soulmates have to be very aware to recognize it. This will be extremely quick, and happens to most all Soulmate connections who have some type of Karmic ties (Twinflames too).

The more past-lives Soulmates share together, the more vivid the memories will be.

Sometimes Soulmates may not need to know that much as it was and need space also time to focus on this life exclusively, without any interference from a past lives soulmate connection.

The true goal for soulmates is the other one’s happiness, whether it be in this lifetime or the next life.

Their spirits search to be close and connected, they feel each other intuitively before they meet up and many times, having a psychic session or past life regression will help guide them on their path towards to one another.

The Universe decides when to awaken both Soulmates to who they are for each other. This can take some years or even into the next life.

There are highs and extreme lows with Soulmates, sometimes they need to allow their other half to live totally free, allowing the energy to manifest when the time is right.

It is extremely vital to completely understand that we have more than that enters into our lives and with the different types, please read my the information I’ve provided about Soulmates to give you a better understanding soulmate relationship, also read about understanding Soulmates and the power struggles that face.

The heart chakra opens with they are together and gives love so freely with unconditional love to the other.

Soulmates carry a never dying love for each other no matter what their circumstances are, yes there are also important lessons to be learned that they need to allow the complete experience happen from this present life without any interference, unless of course there is karmic debt, which needs to be balanced.

Sometimes Soulmate relationships are not meant to be together in this life, it can be a learning a spiritual lesson in this lifetime. It’s difficult, because some people find it impossible to let go of that intoxicating love experience. Soulmate and Twinflame relationships can still work through the chaos.

Not all soul mates are destined to be together either, if you’re involved with someone and it’s a deep friendship or you share a spiritual connection with someone that is absolutely amazing. So pure you both completely merge together, then you have found a Soul mate.

But if you are confused about whether your partner, and wondering if this is a Soul mate, Twin flame or Past life connection that you need to work through or could it be an addiction or obsession.

You maybe be asking yourself:
Does this relationship bring me love?
is there a future for us?
Do we feel complete together?
Why do we love each other one min, then argue like cats and dogs?


If the answer is yes, this is a soulmate relationship with some past life energy to be worked out. If your answers are no, then this is the type of soulmate that sends a message and you both learn a valuable lesson from each other applying it to your destiny.

If you are having a difficult time with your partner and wondering if it’s an actual soulmate, twinflame, karmic or just a toxic relationship that you need to move on from.  Schedule a Psychic Soulmate reading today and learn the truth about your Relationship.

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Why Soulmates go through Life lessons

We have many different types of Soulmates that enter in our lives.

Soulmates and Twinflames
Soulmates and Twinflames

Soulmates and Twinflame relationships

We all wish that all soulmate love relationships lived happily ever after, unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen, Soulmates are all not the perfect, they do have telepathic communication with each other, ultimately with each other at the end, Twinflames can feel each others energy and creates a psychic force between them.

During a psychic reading the question I’m asked most is finding  a true soulmate relationship guarantee them a happy ending, yes and no, the true nature of soulmates is that we understand soulmate relationships actually can make it last.

Soulmate love relationships are teaching us lessons that evolve the soul and be the catalyst for changes in your life.

When the lesson has made an impact, the soulmate relationship usually ends. Twinflames are actually the mirror of us reflecting back with the issues and flaws with ourselves that we must work on.

We must have to remember we don’t need soulmates to complete us, Soulmate and Twinflame relationships are not all meant to complete us but to help us so that we can be the best that we can be, more likely you may encounter more than one type soulmate during your lifetime.  You most likely have been in one or more soulmate relationships, learning the lessons from all of it and then moved on to next soulmate.

So you ask why are soulmate relationships not meant to last?

The fact is that soulmates are learning life lessons and spiritual growth that’s defined in soulmate energy  and  it’s time for both souls to move on., this is what we call a spiritual impact, where twinflames are bonded and cutting the ties of twinflames is not possible, but trying to cope with the situation vs cutting the ties of a twinflame.

Soulmate connections are intense and many soulmates are actually be afraid of it the energy.

Please remember that because the spiritual connection feels amazing to you, they may feel it too, deep down inside they can be scared to be so connected to another soul on this planet, this is when a psychic love reading can help shed light on your partner and find out if this soulmate is meant to be with you or is time to move on, you need to know truth.

The endings of a soulmate relationship is devastating, we may  even learn the lesson of it all and try to move on, it is easier said than done.

It’s very important that if you suffered a break up with your soulmate or Twinflame, you incorporate the lost of self care in to your life. It is the time to be gentle and easy with yourself and find things that make you happy. Spending time with friends, this is an absolutely excellent time to take a short vacation and do things that nourish your spirit.

When you’re in the middle of it, it feels like a storm, you will not see the changes that have occurred within your self right away, but you will and you will be totally free and in the right time be able to look back at your life and understand why your soulmate was in your life and how you grew and changed because of it, it makes you who you are today.

Psychic Soulmate readings can help bring clarity in your relationship, you need to know the truth about your relationship, is it a true soulmate, karmic or a twinflame, everybody’s spiritual connection is unique, find out today and schedule a soulmate reading with Psychic Ann today.

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Understanding Soulmates & Twinflames

True soul mate connections, learn where your spiritual connection is in your life, find truth with your soul mate or twinflame, find out if you are with your soulmate, twinfrlame or time to walk away
Soul mate energy connections

There are several types of soulmates – Twinflames, compatible Soulmates or karmic energies and all  can be confusing.

Soulmate energy share an amazingly bond, a true soulmate is will come into your life making an intense impact. You never go out and search for a soul mate or a twinflame connection.

Twin flames are almost perfect soulmates, and are the other half of your spirit. Twin flames can go through pastlives only to reunite with their twin flame, this makes it a 50/50  that they will meet up with each other, some can and some can not.

What does Soulmates or Twin Flames connection actually mean ?

They both share a spiritual connection, soulmate bonds, compatible soulmates, karmic soulmates or twin souls, no matter what you call them, yet there are all Soulmate connections.

Accepting that everything always happens for a reason and realize that only a portion of people enter in our life to heal teach us a lesson.

What’s the stronger connection Twinflame or Soulmate?

A soulmate is deep energy, but both the Twinflame and Soulmate have deep intense energies. Twinflames share beautiful vitality where the Soulmate connection are the Dynamo. There several types of Soulmates, friends, family, and even pets. Twinflame are the blast of spiritual vitality and Soulmate are the generator of vitality, with these certain negativities and turmoil that they usually always go through, it makes it very dramatic for anyone to discover peace with their Twinflame, but are always dawned to each another.


How can I know if He or she is my soulmate, karmic or twinflame?

Soulmates will be strong and you will feel their energy the reasons they entered in your life, where Twinflame connection is your other half, the center of your soul. This isn’t as simple to live with and aggregate confusion, it will take a lot to work and live in harmony, most people can confuse a Twinflame for their Soul mate.

We all have our Twin Flame, soulmate connections, that you get together and can live in peace with each other. Twinflames usually always experience turmoil and drama in their relationship, they could be connected with age difference, live 1000s of miles away or the have many issues and is resistant to open up to their heart in the light of the fact that their bond is extremely exceptional.

Instantly you know and feel when you first meet your twinflame, a very compelling spiritual bond that in most intense with sexuality and emotional feelings. They sometimes look very similar almost the same features as you, and twinflames have a lot in common in their life, they complete each other and their energy consumes one another.

No matter the type of their life situation, even with other partners, they will some how find a way to be one another and usually taking years to reconnect.


What happens when I do find my Twinflame?

It will be an intense spiritual bond with this him or her and so drawn that you can not let go of this connection, that bond will be extremely intense, in most cases long length of time before they can connect,. regardless of the situation if there is a marriage or relationship with other people, it will never separate.

Will it lead to a toxic relationship?

Yes the twinflame connection is very compelling and you always feel what they are feeling, even if your separated. You can sense this feeling. It can be a beautiful and yet traumatic connection as it sounds, some people can not deal with this intense energy with a someone and choose to live without it, this is freewill and we all have choices, but you will never feel the same feeling for someone as you do with your twinflame.

How will I actually find My Twinflame, karmic or True Soulmate?

This is a very common question I’m asked,  you don’t have to go on search for him or her, yet keeping an open and clear mind with each of your relationships, by concentrating on yourself.

Don’t spend time searching for your Soulmate or Twin Flame, you will not find him/her this way and will end up in disappointment, there are many reasons you are not meant to be with him or her,

You are meant to be with someone who will provide for you the satisfaction in a relationship, you will meet up in this life or the next, always concentrate on your objectives and focus on the valuable  lessons by making yourself happy.

What is a past life energy connection?

When we are sent in this physical world, we were brought here for only a brief time to pass through and make on our own decisions for existence until death, when we don’t connect we all have the decision to either return into the next physical world to re-live and fix our mix-ups.

You may feel a “Déjà vu”, and then realize that you have sensed that place before in a certain spot or knew that person or even had a discussion before that very minute it happens and this It all happens for a reason.

How do we know that we had a past-life?

I believe we always have gleams of past-lives, I don’t know, how this can be taught. You can have impressions into past lives thru your dreams. through sleep the subconscious mind is more open to the soul just as kids, this will be explained more in my upcoming book.


What is the Karma love energy?

Karma love energy, is actually circumstances and end results or activity and response from past life energy. The impact of past-over present and followed in this new life from the past life, the conditions in your currant life. This type of connection is often confused with a twinflame connection.


What is better relationship: soul mate, twin or Karma energy?

They are all equal in a sense and indeed equivalent regarding the situation of a relationship, with twinflames, karmic, and soulmate connections they can all have good and bad times, there is actually a psychic love bond that can not be broken, it is extreme and can make a relationship break-up and reconnect over and over in each lifetime.

With a karmic energy, you feel the need to connect and help the other person with unconditional love, this type of soulmate is intense and most rare of all spiritual connections .


I will be redesigning this blog with more details on soul connections to help with understanding and reversing the soul energy around the conflictions in soulmate connections.

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