The original soulmate connection. Twinflames

Twinflames Reuniting

By Ann Teiss
The original soulmate connection.

We can connect happily and comfortably to that person, with very little effort. We find our self in very compatible relationship.

Then there is the karmic soulmate connection – You may feel a very intense feeling for that person, they come into your life to help teach you something. Sometimes the lesson can be extremely painful, but is very necessary for spiritual growth.
Then there is Twin Souls or Twin Flames connection.

There is an instant compelled attraction of energy, the spiritual energy of the two spirits connecting over time, over several miles, and most of the time over years. Usually there is the initial meeting of the Twinflames and one half is more spiritually “awakened”. Where the other may not need time to realize,

Twinflames can remain in contact, but mostly the two are broken apart and separated for many years working on their own lives deal with karma in other situations before reuniting years later.

There is always one half who is the stronger vessel, realizing the two have more energy to share together this often referred to the chaser, always looking for answers why things ended the way they did, never having closure.

The Chaser can feel the intensity of this relationship and understands that it is extremely special. This feeling is always a lingering feeling there even if the chaser doesn’t consciously know what to expect.

The intensity of love that chaser feels for their twin flame is more than they have ever felt. When the Runner just runs away without any warning, the chaser will feel an intense emotional serge of energy more than she can handle. At that point, they will do almost anything to help and get back together with the Runner

There can be emotional pain even more when there are reminder from memories of previous past lives when they were disconnected.

The pain from those past lives comes back when the Runner runs away.

The Chaser knows there is a deeper meaning to their relationship they need be together and has a feeling inside that everything fits like a puzzle, the both complete each other.

The Chaser might be confused and might not even be able to understand why this is so strong and has never felt this way with anyone else? And will continue to wait it out for the Runner, knowing that they can’t to lose the Runner in this life, no matter what.

That is when an awakening happens – understanding the intensity sacredness of this relationship. Knowing that Twinflames belong together no matter what. This is very difficult for the Chaser, and takes time. Once the runner phase is over, the runner will realize where they are at and will actually return, to be reunited.

With all that the Chaser is going through, the runner will return. Twinflames are connected by an eternal sacred soul bond that will never break.

They are created for each other and as long as they both are on earth, nothing or no one can take them away.

Twinflames will come back once they are completely ready for the intensity of this connection. It can take time, chasing is not going to speed things up.

During the connection process of both Twin souls need to remain strong. Twin flame connections never happen at the most convenient times. They usually are in committed relationships, having money issues, and living miles apart, there are many practical reasons why these two, shouldn’t be together. Very common can be a big differences in age, cultures or religion, the list goes on, but they still manage to be together no matter what the circumstances are.

The relationship between Twin flames is very spiritual. You’ll understand the twinflame relationship, the more you explore your spirituality.

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