Moon Energy – How it effects us Spiritually

The Power of the Moon

The moon can pull water in and out with the ocean, it's no mystery that it will affect us too. The human body is actually 70 percent
Moon Energy
The moon can pull water in and out with the ocean, it’s no mystery that it will affect us too. The human body is actually 70 percent of water.

For many years, I’ve studied the energy cycles and the power of the moon. From the beginning of time people understood the movement of the moon, effects many people, in both physically and mentally.

Because the goes through several phases, it re-appears brand new each month, it has become associated with death, sex and rebirth. The power of the moon can give a boost of energy for healing, achievement and having an effect on soulmate relationships.

The moon is also thought to help women better than men, it’s recognized though a significant effect on women’s cycles. Also enhancing intuitive abilities in many areas that respond more easily to it.


There are different times of the moon phases that are more appropriate for different areas in our lives, you may notice your dreams are intensified (vivid and very colorful) sometimes extreme like a nightmare during the full moon or you may have deeper visions through visualizations.

If you are having issues with reoccurring nightmares, I highly recommend putting a few crystals under your pillow, a few of my favorites are Amethyst, Agate, Seraphinite and Jade, these are common gemstones, their energies are effective for producing calming and also spiritual dreams, they open chakras as they assist in a restful sleep, alleviating all nightmares, and etc..

The full moon  (Super moons are more powerful) is the most powerful night of the month for love relationships and especially for Soulmates and Twinflames.

It’s the perfect time to experiment with psychic energy and spirituality, for example; You receive Psychic or Tarot oracle card reading on a full moon, you will find you can understand things on a deeper level and more in-depth than your usual reading. Soulmates and Twinflame energy are intensified and most soulmates and Twinflames reunite or get back together during a full moon more than anytime of the month.

Also If you are receiving a spiritual cleansing or Reiki healing , it most likely will be more powerful and intense.

You will find you have increase of physical energy, if your a fitness competitor, personal trainer, Fitness or Zumba instructor, you will find that you are putting more of your all into your workouts or classes than any other time of the month.

Now on the new moon, the power of creation for new situations increases – It’s the best time out of the month to start a new project. The new moon is also a very spiritual time to meditate because beginning of spiritual energy and guidance directly from our Universe shines directly upon you.

Meditation under the moon-light is a powerful way to give an extra boost to your visualizations.

The Moon Energies

The moon has different energies during its cycle, from the new moon to the complete full moon.  Each of the 8 the cycles creates a  process of manifestation. These phases have a duration of approx 28 days of the moon cycle (not calendar).

 1-3 New:  Energy creating a vision for new beginnings
3 – 6 Crescent: Energy for organizing the resources that are needed to accomplish the vision.
6 – 9 First quarter: is using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling the vision
10 – 13 Gibbous: Energy helping us reach our goals, gathering opinions from others.
13 – 17 Full: Brings manifestation and progress towards our goals. Spiritual energy intensifies and soul energy comes to life.
Day 17 – 21 Disseminating moon helps us distribute and share what we have learned, or to have a clearer understanding of what to do next.
21 – 24 Third quarter: The moon is in a completion phase.
24 – 28 Balsamic:  It’s time to be alone, and reflect on yourself, retreat, and release attachment spiritually.  It’s time to relax, rest and be introspective. Through out this time vision clears and we prepare again to next new moon.

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