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Mercury Retrograde & Super moon Jan 21

This is the first Super Moon for 2015.

Supermoon january 2015 Soulmates and twinflame enegry intensified

We have a powerful trio sun, moon and mercury retrograde in Aquarius on January 21, 2015 creating a very creative and magical time for everyone.

The Super Moon is when the Moon comes closest to the Earth, this makes it extremely spiritual New Moon. During the new moon and retrograde period, we shift our energies into right brain and enter a realm that is closer to our spirit. We also become more intuitive feeling psychic energy. Your 6th senses and chakras will become more opened. You will feel and see things you didn’t notice before.

This time Mercury retrograde in the air sign of Aquarius, it rules over friendships, relationships and Soulmates, future situations, internet, along with hopes wishes and dreams. No this isn’t a bad time for these things to happen, we may find it difficult to dream, to hope and second guess our goals, our countries. It’s best to wait until starting anything new until the retrograde is over February 11, 2015, right before Valentines day.

You may find yourself disagreeing with loved ones, spouses, lovers soulmates, and people that are your friends, having a very hard time to get along with anyone who is close to you, by keeping this in mind you will be able to over power this backwards energy.

During Mercury retrograde we first experience a shadow and a retrograde storm. The starts 2 weeks prior, a lot of people don’t actually feel the effects of the Mercury retrograde until storm period hits though.

This is a excellent time for completing research work. but not an ideal time to start anything new like a new job, traveling places you have never been too, dating a new relationship or start a new project. The best thing to is at least wait until February 12, 2015 you will be glad you did.

Supermoons are very powerful, Super Moons are which actually the Moon being closer to earth. This Super New Moon will be brighter and bigger in addition to creating high intense energy.

In 2014’s back to back Summer Super moons (July – August – September), that created extreme spiritual energy for love relationships, this year there are 6 Super moons in 2015 and three of them are New Moons and three are Full Super Moons. Get ready for an amazing high energy year!

The New super Moon in January 2015 gives everyone the strength and endurance to get through challenges you may be facing in your life, this is the time when past loves, love relationships and Soulmates (or twinflames) are reunited. You have to spiritually balance your emotional energy, this is a time to start getting more spiritual, finding your spirit with meditation and balancing your chakra energy.

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