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1. Psychic Express  Reading- $12.50

Express Tarot – One Question 2 cards spread

2. Mini Tarot Reading – $23.00

Get details of your current situation – Finding truth and clarity of events and future outcome. 3 cards spread   (Up to 2 questions)

3. Tarot Reading – $30.00

Provides information with current situation plus what expect and what to do avoid and change obstacles that may be ahead. 4 cards spread  (up to 3 questions)

4. Tarot Spiritual – $40.00

Get answers with current situation from the spirit guides and Angel messages. 6 cards spread (up to 4 questions)

5.  Tarot Spiritual $50.00

Find answers with your divine Soulmate or Twin flame Connection.  7 Cards (up to 5 questions)

6. Tarot Spiritual 8 Cards – $60.00

Love & Relationship reading clarity in relationship issues.
Provides spiritual guidance and outcome.
6 cards spread (Up to 6 questions)

7.  Full life Soulmate Oracle Reading – $80.00

(Love and Relationship reading) Clarity in relationship issues.
Provides spiritual guidance and outcome.
10 card spread (Up to 8 questions)

8. Spiritual Energy Love Reading – $90.00

Spiritual and energy reading through the use of oracle and Angel cards – guidance with life & Relationship decisions. 12 card spread & spiritual channeling (Up to 9 questions).

9. Soulmate Relationship and Psychic Energy $125.00

Energy Aura reading on Soulmates, Twinflames. Using Angel and oracle cards to get messages with your current situation and determining the outcome of the situation.  determining the type of Soulmate connection and the outcome of your relationship.  Oracle, Tarot and Angel cards 14 cards, Crystals, Energy aura and Clairvoyance (Up to 13 questions).

10. Complete Divine love Soulmate and Twinflame $150.00

Most in depth accurate reading on Soulmates and Twinflame connection. Find out if you and your partner are Soul connected. Channeling through Spirit Guides to determines type of Soul connection, using oracle and spirit guides to get answers and gives the outcome of your love relationship. (Include your Photo if available) Oracle Tarot 16 cards spread, and Clairvoyance (Up 16 questions).

Please fill in the submission form below  with required information information .

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52 thoughts on “Email Readings”

      1. Hello I sent you an email reading I am a first time customer. I just need a little clarity on my love life and life in general

  1. Thank you so much for the one free reading, Ann. I just ordered for the 10 card spread by email. I am waiting for your advise in the next reading. Thank you, Ann.

  2. Just sent payment for reading to better understand my situation. I was relieved with the answer from my free question you gave that I couldn’t just stop there. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for your quick answer. It’s enlightening and it verifies everything that others have said and thought. I send you many blessings.
    Thank you again!

    1. I received your email reading request a few hours ago.
      I require at least 48 hours as it is stated on my website, these readings are completed in between live readings which get a higher priority.
      There are a few ahead of yours. Thank you for your patience.

    1. Thank you so much Ann I got your email yesterday great reading helped me alot plus I came across your you tube videos didn’t realize it was you until you mentioned the website love the blogs such great information.

  4. Dear ann !
    I just send you a paid question !
    But when a press send something went wrong !
    Can you confirm me that is everything ok!
    Thanks you so very much
    Ps: i have a recept ❤️

  5. Ann, I’m sorry I entered the promo code offer a day ahead of time. I forgot! Please accept it on Monday, I’m not expecting it the same day anyway.

  6. I emailed my one free question a few months ago and never received any kind of reply so I just asked again. Im wondering if my first question was too detailed on what I was looking for. Please respond as Im anxious to also get a paid reading done.

  7. Ann, I did not get my reading yet, and it’s been 48 hours approximately. I realize we just had holidays, but I hope I get my reading soon.

    1. Hi Heather,
      I previously announced there would be a delay due to the Holiday, especially with the promotion for Christmas, I have many others before yours, I will get to your reading soon. I try my best to get each reading as quickly as I can (I’m only one person giving the reading).

      Thank you for your patience.
      Love and Light

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