My story of the Twinflame Runner and Chaser Phase

This is my Story of being in the Twin flame Runner and Chaser phase. Many of you have been asking me many questions on what I went though my twin, I was a runner I went through and the challenges we had to face.
Everyone is unique and not everyone is the same.

I wanted to bring my twinflame into this video to share with you in his words to understand the twinflame challenges.

Twin flame Runner and Chaser

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The Difference between Soulmates, Karmic and Twinflame Connections

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The definition of a Twinflame Connection, understanding the details.

The Twin flame runner and chaser dynamic is a soulmate bond that’s actually relevant to all soulmate connections, most common is the twinflame or twin soul connection.

The Twinflame runner isn’t spiritually awake of their connection. They can become overwhelmed from the extreme intensity of the soul connection.

Twinflame runners don’t understand what is happening on and feels their losing control of the situation. The Twin runner tries to escape from this relationship and will avoid their other half.

The chaser is the the more powerful vessel. They  can feel this deep spiritual intensity and they know that what they both share is important.
The Twin flame chaser needs to have some type of commitment in some way and needs to reunite with their twin. They need their twin to give into the soul connection they share and do anything possible to keep it a live.

Sending text messages, emails, phone calls or following their Facebook page will speed up the process. The Twinflame chaser needs any kind response from them.

The chaser chases after the runner. But it can’t go on forever, Twinflame Runners and Chasers with time do become stayers. Please more about this topic click here to get more details with Twin Flame Runner and Chasers.

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