Healing Crystals

Chakra Crystals for meditation and healing.


reiki energy crystals to balance the chakra and bring soulmates together
Power of Crystal Energy

Crystal healing readings are to evaluate spiritually around life cycles and how you are directly being affected by everything that is happening to you now also what has happened in the past and what is in the future.


A crystal reading will show you how to see yourself and how the world views you, why that compatibility is so important or why you are alone, why you can’t feel the same from others or why you have metaphysical interests. A spiritual crystal reading involves with channeling the spirit guides and working around the seven chakras for balance and alignment.

Your chakras are a blueprint of your life; the energy you give out and understanding your true personality and your temperament, serious life issues and life challenges. Your chakras are a bridge to empower positive choices.

Crystals are powerful indicator for your spirit’s Path of your healing journey.

Crystal healing readings fits into the alternative medicine because it’s holistic, vibrational and utilizes crystals to heal and balance the spirit.

The way the crystals resonate with you and helps you to not only learn about yourself in the crystal reading, but also helps to identify what is going on in your life and with your soulmate or twinflame, finding your true path and anything that needs healing and balancing.

A spiritual crystal reading is the best way to get clarity on any issue you are experiencing and knowing what crystals you should use and wear or carry at this time for your particular situation to improve any soulmate, emotional or spiritual situation.

A crystal reading will help you find energetic blocks in all love relationship issues and help continue soulmates grow spiritually as life partners. Helping two soulmates see their differences in a more positive way, opening the communication so they can release their tensions by balancing their love relationship. Soulmate or Twinflame readings will help you explore the compatible and also the challenging aspects of the energy together and will shows the strengths, challenges and potential in all relationships as well.

Psychic crystals are used to heal and balance spiritual energy in the body, with a Reiki treatment (hands on healing) chakra crystals will give strength to the energy session. It’s very exciting to see the crystals work. Just by carrying the chakra crystals that work with each of your seven chakras you can re establish the spiritual energetic body. The best part of this is spiritual healing, that you can balance the energy with crystals and learn to use crystals to meditate and find your center.

Crystal combined clairvoyant readings are a spiritual and an empowering way of experiencing different areas in your life and it’s done easily by carrying the Reiki stones with you on a regular basis. Psychic and crystal readings are so helpful that I recommend everyone getting a spiritual reading to assist in life, mind, body and spirit balancing.


reiki energy crystals to heal the chakras
Reiki crystal energy

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