Understanding Soulmates & Twinflames

True soul mate connections, learn where your spiritual connection is in your life, find truth with your soul mate or twinflame, find out if you are with your soulmate, twinfrlame or time to walk away
Soul mate energy connections

There are several types of soulmates – Twinflames, compatible Soulmates or karmic energies and all  can be confusing.

Soulmate energy share an amazingly bond, a true soulmate is will come into your life making an intense impact. You never go out and search for a soul mate or a twinflame connection.

Twin flames are almost perfect soulmates, and are the other half of your spirit. Twin flames can go through pastlives only to reunite with their twin flame, this makes it a 50/50  that they will meet up with each other, some can and some can not.

What does Soulmates or Twin Flames connection actually mean ?

They both share a spiritual connection, soulmate bonds, compatible soulmates, karmic soulmates or twin souls, no matter what you call them, yet there are all Soulmate connections.

Accepting that everything always happens for a reason and realize that only a portion of people enter in our life to heal teach us a lesson.

What’s the stronger connection Twinflame or Soulmate?

A soulmate is deep energy, but both the Twinflame and Soulmate have deep intense energies. Twinflames share beautiful vitality where the Soulmate connection are the Dynamo. There several types of Soulmates, friends, family, and even pets. Twinflame are the blast of spiritual vitality and Soulmate are the generator of vitality, with these certain negativities and turmoil that they usually always go through, it makes it very dramatic for anyone to discover peace with their Twinflame, but are always dawned to each another.


How can I know if He or she is my soulmate, karmic or twinflame?

Soulmates will be strong and you will feel their energy the reasons they entered in your life, where Twinflame connection is your other half, the center of your soul. This isn’t as simple to live with and aggregate confusion, it will take a lot to work and live in harmony, most people can confuse a Twinflame for their Soul mate.

We all have our Twin Flame, soulmate connections, that you get together and can live in peace with each other. Twinflames usually always experience turmoil and drama in their relationship, they could be connected with age difference, live 1000s of miles away or the have many issues and is resistant to open up to their heart in the light of the fact that their bond is extremely exceptional.

Instantly you know and feel when you first meet your twinflame, a very compelling spiritual bond that in most intense with sexuality and emotional feelings. They sometimes look very similar almost the same features as you, and twinflames have a lot in common in their life, they complete each other and their energy consumes one another.

No matter the type of their life situation, even with other partners, they will some how find a way to be one another and usually taking years to reconnect.


What happens when I do find my Twinflame?

It will be an intense spiritual bond with this him or her and so drawn that you can not let go of this connection, that bond will be extremely intense, in most cases long length of time before they can connect,. regardless of the situation if there is a marriage or relationship with other people, it will never separate.

Will it lead to a toxic relationship?

Yes the twinflame connection is very compelling and you always feel what they are feeling, even if your separated. You can sense this feeling. It can be a beautiful and yet traumatic connection as it sounds, some people can not deal with this intense energy with a someone and choose to live without it, this is freewill and we all have choices, but you will never feel the same feeling for someone as you do with your twinflame.

How will I actually find My Twinflame, karmic or True Soulmate?

This is a very common question I’m asked,  you don’t have to go on search for him or her, yet keeping an open and clear mind with each of your relationships, by concentrating on yourself.

Don’t spend time searching for your Soulmate or Twin Flame, you will not find him/her this way and will end up in disappointment, there are many reasons you are not meant to be with him or her,

You are meant to be with someone who will provide for you the satisfaction in a relationship, you will meet up in this life or the next, always concentrate on your objectives and focus on the valuable  lessons by making yourself happy.

What is a past life energy connection?

When we are sent in this physical world, we were brought here for only a brief time to pass through and make on our own decisions for existence until death, when we don’t connect we all have the decision to either return into the next physical world to re-live and fix our mix-ups.

You may feel a “Déjà vu”, and then realize that you have sensed that place before in a certain spot or knew that person or even had a discussion before that very minute it happens and this It all happens for a reason.

How do we know that we had a past-life?

I believe we always have gleams of past-lives, I don’t know, how this can be taught. You can have impressions into past lives thru your dreams. through sleep the subconscious mind is more open to the soul just as kids, this will be explained more in my upcoming book.


What is the Karma love energy?

Karma love energy, is actually circumstances and end results or activity and response from past life energy. The impact of past-over present and followed in this new life from the past life, the conditions in your currant life. This type of connection is often confused with a twinflame connection.


What is better relationship: soul mate, twin or Karma energy?

They are all equal in a sense and indeed equivalent regarding the situation of a relationship, with twinflames, karmic, and soulmate connections they can all have good and bad times, there is actually a psychic love bond that can not be broken, it is extreme and can make a relationship break-up and reconnect over and over in each lifetime.

With a karmic energy, you feel the need to connect and help the other person with unconditional love, this type of soulmate is intense and most rare of all spiritual connections .


I will be redesigning this blog with more details on soul connections to help with understanding and reversing the soul energy around the conflictions in soulmate connections.

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  1. Wow I’m speechless, thank you for sharing this information, I feel so much better now I know he is my twin flame and we are going through a bumpy ride.

  2. Thanks Ann for your reading, it helped calm me down, for the past 6 years, you have always been right and I trust you.

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