Soulmates from Past Lives

The memories from their past together will them give dej vu.

When they are connected, it can bring back certain memories of love, passion, and emotional energy from their past life.

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Soulmates with Past lives

Soulmates from past lives share a special connection that never dies.

The happiness of being in with other is beautiful and eternal. There are occasional memories and flashbacks, which sometimes will lead to confusion, Once they are connected they send powerful strength and passion to each other.

Their spirits may not recognize each other in this lifetime who they are in their human bodies. They will feel intense energy and feel they know this person and it feels very familiar. Even for a few moments there’s an inner recognition of both sides.

This moment may be so brief, that Soulmates have to be very aware to recognize it. This will be extremely quick, and happens to most all Soulmate connections who have some type of Karmic ties (Twinflames too).

The more past-lives Soulmates share together, the more vivid the memories will be.

Sometimes Soulmates may not need to know that much as it was and need space also time to focus on this life exclusively, without any interference from a past lives soulmate connection.

The true goal for soulmates is the other one’s happiness, whether it be in this lifetime or the next life.

Their spirits search to be close and connected, they feel each other intuitively before they meet up and many times, having a psychic session or past life regression will help guide them on their path towards to one another.

The Universe decides when to awaken both Soulmates to who they are for each other. This can take some years or even into the next life.

There are highs and extreme lows with Soulmates, sometimes they need to allow their other half to live totally free, allowing the energy to manifest when the time is right.

It is extremely vital to completely understand that we have more than that enters into our lives and with the different types, please read my the information I’ve provided about Soulmates to give you a better understanding soulmate relationship, also read about understanding Soulmates and the power struggles that face.

The heart chakra opens with they are together and gives love so freely with unconditional love to the other.

Soulmates carry a never dying love for each other no matter what their circumstances are, yes there are also important lessons to be learned that they need to allow the complete experience happen from this present life without any interference, unless of course there is karmic debt, which needs to be balanced.

Sometimes Soulmate relationships are not meant to be together in this life, it can be a learning a spiritual lesson in this lifetime. It’s difficult, because some people find it impossible to let go of that intoxicating love experience. Soulmate and Twinflame relationships can still work through the chaos.

Not all soul mates are destined to be together either, if you’re involved with someone and it’s a deep friendship or you share a spiritual connection with someone that is absolutely amazing. So pure you both completely merge together, then you have found a Soul mate.

But if you are confused about whether your partner, and wondering if this is a Soul mate, Twin flame or Past life connection that you need to work through or could it be an addiction or obsession.

You maybe be asking yourself:
Does this relationship bring me love?
is there a future for us?
Do we feel complete together?
Why do we love each other one min, then argue like cats and dogs?


If the answer is yes, this is a soulmate relationship with some past life energy to be worked out. If your answers are no, then this is the type of soulmate that sends a message and you both learn a valuable lesson from each other applying it to your destiny.

If you are having a difficult time with your partner and wondering if it’s an actual soulmate, twinflame, karmic or just a toxic relationship that you need to move on from.  Schedule a Psychic Soulmate reading today and learn the truth about your Relationship.

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20 thoughts on “Soulmates from Past Lives”

  1. I knew John and were soulmates but never did I know we experienced past lives together.
    Thank you for the past lives reading, it did help to know why he is so stubborn about having children, I know why now.

  2. OMG I know not that Paul is my twin flame, you have shed so much light on my situation, I’m booking another reading with you today.

  3. This blog is so spiritual and deep! You definitely know how to keep a readers intrigued, Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  4. Hi! This post could not be written any better about Soulmates from the past lives, it reminds me of my previous room mate, I feel we was from a previous life. I know we will meet up again, Do you think we will? his name is Johnny DOB 10-21-1987

  5. Hi I’m totally fascinated by soulmates and twinflames from previous lives, this is great, you gave me infomration about my twinflame, I wile book a reading with you soon.

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