Soulmates and Twinflames

Soulmates Definition

spiritual awakening for soulmates and twin flames

By Ann Elizabeth

“Soulmates” in the past 25 years the word Soul mates has been over used making it very difficult to understand.

The Soulmate connection is a very powerful connection, we do have more than one that enters in our life, unfortunately not all are positive love connections.

There is so much controversy all over the internet of the definitions and the types of soul mate connections you may share, Compatible Soulmate, Twin flame, past lives or karmic energy and Etc,.

Trying to figure out and determine the type of soul connection you share with someone can get confusing.

I wrote this blog specifically to help you understand the Soul connection you may share with a loved one, explaining more in depth to give greater clarity on soulmate connections.

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I’m frequently asked these questions.

What are the differences between soulmates, Twin soul, twin flame and Karmic connections?
Did I meet a soul mate?
When and will I ever meet my true soulmate?
How do I know if we share a soul mate connection?
Is my Spouse or partner my Soulmate?

True Soul mate connection are joined before you are born into this life, you have no control on who is your soulmate.

The soulmate bond is someone who comes into your life and makes an a very deep impact on a person’s life.

The one thing you can’t do is to go out and search for a specific spiritual soul mate bond or try to make a love relationship a true Soulmate.

Immediately the thought of twin souls is confusing for most people, they may think they are with their twinflame when it is actually a soulmate connection.

Twin flames or a twin souls are the other half of you.

Twin souls go through many interesting and various lifetimes in order to unite with their twin, it’s a 50/50% chance that they discover each other.

Actually some do and some don’t however that doesn’t mean that a twin soul is better than a Soul mate.

Twin flames when they do meet in a lifetime.

They may or may not hit if off at the beginning.

Both experiencing negativity and chaos before they can live in harmony and peace with each other.

Be advised most Twinflames can first be a very toxic relationship.

New beginnings with spiritual awakenings is expected to happen . There's no going back into karma ties but opening a new door. Currently there are shifts with timelines and changes, that those who are awakened will understand this. That it is part of the process to get to a higher consciousness. Many people who may just be waking up, they will feel an accelerated energy shift and it might be like someone is pulling your spirit and maybe draining some of you, for many reasons some of you may not be there yet. Takes time to come to a balance and be in the moment of a higher frequency with your awakening. Letting go of past wounds and turning your back on things. Walking away from things and letting things go. Allowing it come out of you and best of all embracing that it's already happening The Lions gate is in galactic center and  alignment with the sun of sirius.It's a time to learn and absorb messages and energy from the universe. Twin flames are going to to get deeper and deeper each other. But if you're not with your twin flame physically. The energy is still connected between you even if you're not in the physical union with your Twin flame. Although you may be feeling something happening, it's being drawn into a divine physical energy merge your eternal union. I know many of you feel envious or sad (it's a normal emotion), when they see other people with they hear twin flames coming into reunion. It's  because there are people that rather be with together than be apart. Trust me twin flames will go always through challenges and difficulties with each other. Everyone is unique and different. I work with many different twin flame couples and the fact that they go through so much negativity and chaos but still hold onto each other no matter what is on their path they would rather be with one another then be apart. Sometimes their relationship can be toxic and they are separated for a period of time. This is necessary for soulmates to reflect and rebalance to where they need to go in their lives for their future. If they need to take days, weeks months or even sometimes years before they are reunited. It is all for their highest good and during the Lions gate, combined with the lunar eclipse, solar eclipse and mercury retrograde. Magnetic forces are much stronger they can feel one another's energy calling out to them. This will influence your awakening and to be your authentic self without ego. This energetic shift will have an effect on your twin flame feeling this dynamic energy pull. It's a time to start thinking about where your inner truth is and being you. This is all about transformation to be enlightened to your higher consciousness and awakened. The solar eclipse is going to reveal more of who you are. What you need to do in order to get past negative and superficial people. Sometimes it's better to close the door on certain people, in order to get higher level and find your true center. It's a time to purge and let it go, to feel love and light in your spirit again. With all of these spiritual  energy that are taking place. The Lions gate is a time to let go of past wounds. Throughout this whole month and whenever there is a lunar eclipse or solar eclipse, And getting into and with your spirit center with spirituality. I highly recommend meditating and putting out your positive intentions for your future. Psychic Energy fields are lifted and amplified to the point where you are receiving and sending messages. The best time to get a psychic reading or to give one, also picking an Oracle card is a great way to receive a message. The Lions gate is amplifying the energy of both masculine and feminine energies. Helping you get closer or come to a union with your divine partner. There is a transformation happening inside of you. An inner glow that is sending out positive vibrations to the people around you. You will also see physical transformations along with the internal ones. This is the best time to work on yourself mind, body and spirit. If you're thinking about starting a new diet or detox cleanse (ask your doctor)  also exercising getting out this is the best time.You will be see the best results In the long run also be able to stick to it. Energy shifts have been going on since last month, and you may of been feeling it. It's going to be very interesting for the next few months as energy continues to shift. New beginning start to take place and changes. Try to embrace the love and light into your spirit.
Twins souls are devoted to each other no matter what the circumstances.

Even when they apart, nothing can separate them, their love is unconditional.

Their Love is so extreme that it can become a thin line between love and hate.

Twinflames can meet as early as in elementary school then separating for many years. 

They may go on living their lives apart. But always feeling the energy of their twinflame.

Always thinking of them and wanting to reunite. Many times several years can past when they do find each other. I see this a lot when they are discovering he/she has their own family.

This can be a very happy and sad situation. Once Soul mates reunite they know they are home and peace and can’t be separated again.

When you first make contact with your Twin flame, something very magnetic and magical happens. You are face-to-face with your other half. Though you both may not know what to do next. Twin flames know that this intense energy that feel is drawing them both closer together. It is that magnetic surge of energy that is pulling you both together. A beautiful and amazing feeling that you feel, although one Twin may not be able to understand why they are feeling so drawn to someone that they don't really know. This causes them to run, because of fear. When they do, it creates pain and heartache to the chaser, But knowing in their heart that they must convince and let the runner know that they truly love them. This is how the runner and Chaser stages begin. These roles can actually be reversed and both twins can become runners. Why are twins flames running from each other? The problem with Twin flame Runner and Chasers is that they go through a series of transformations internally. Many times it comes from their ego and their fear of failure. Not allowing their love to carry them deeper. They have to love themselves in order to come into a divine union. Twin flames need to understand that there's work that needs to be done on themselves in order to feel complete. Twin flame Runners are not happy with running away, they are lost and confused souls. Twin flame Chasers are always trying to correct and help the runner find their way, but this is part of their life lesson to get through these tests to fulfill their life lesson. Many times when your Twin flame runs without warning and you have no idea of the cost. In your mind you believe everything was perfect in your relationship and you did nothing wrong. Or maybe they have issues with committing, that the love is there but they cannot take it to the next level. There is a reason that all of this happened. This is a mirror of you both and it goes right back to ego-based energy. Showing you both that you both are not ready and that you need to work on yourselves. You are the mirror of each other and everything that you do for yourself, influences your Twin. If you're feeling anxiety about the situation wondering what you did wrong or why are they so distant. You have to understand that it all comes to divine timing when twin flames are brought to a divine union. Twin flame Awakening Not everyone will wake up at same time spiritually. A spiritual awakening will happen at a time without expecting it. When we go through a spiritual awakening we will start to understand everything that was unclear. Wanting to take responsibility for everything that we have never done. Where are the runner may be afraid and not ready to stand up for themselves. This causes them to run and failed to acknowledge their inner truth. Twin flame runner negativities The runner feels just as much pain as the chaser but tries to ignore it. They don't know how to express what they feel so they just run from it but it's never permanent. The twin flame runner chaser connection does come to an end and they both can come to our divine union. This is the time they both become stayers. This is not something that can be predicted, sometimes they will go through years with being separated from their twin. Everyone's situation is different and unique Soulmate and Twin flame Unions can never be predicted. We have to work on ourselves to correct karma. Develiping our spiritual abilities (we all have them) and learn to truly love ourselves. in the meantime it is not meant to be unhappy waiting for your Twin flame to come to an awaking. We are set people in our lives to help us complete our Soul purpose. We all have more than one soulmate, these are choices that only you can make when it comes to finding your true happiness.

Soulmate and Twinflame Situations

Having a big age difference is very common, married or in a partnership, living thousands of miles away, living in another country, but no matter what obstacle is in their path.

Twin flames seem to always reconnect one way or another.

Soul mate connections also share a compatible relationship. This is an amazingly balanced kind of bond, just like your “BFF”.

With a twinflame they are usually the opposite if each other but mirroring their twinflame,  a little confusing but the synchronicity is intense and absolutely amazing!

Twin flames seem to always reconnect one way or another. Soul mate connections also share a compatible relationship. This is an amazingly balanced kind of bond, just like your "BFF". With a twinflame they are usually the opposite if each other but mirroring their twinflame,  a little confusing but the synchronicity is intense and absolutely amazing!

Karmic (past life) Connection

Karmic energies can feel like twinflames, just as extreme as the twin soul energy.

There’s a special type of feeling that you’ve known him/her, like a familiar feeling of knowing that person but can’t remember.

Karmic soul connections usually go through a many lifetimes together.

They get together at troublesome times when they can truly support each one other.

You will have many different types of Soulmate and non soulmate connections. Every soul mate connection is unique in some way, some soulmates enter as a couple, as family or friends.

All Soul mates will connect and at different time and lifetimes. They are sent to help you learn lessons on the way towards finding your spiritual destiny.

Your twin soul can help you reveal what your inner truth is help you find the faith you need to move on in your life, Twinflames help us create and find our true path.

Solstice of summer happens on June 21 2017. This is the longest day of the year with the shortest night. It's an official summer season for the northern hemisphere. It is also the twin to winter solstice. They both fall on the same day in different parts of the world. There are many different types of cultural rituals during summer solstice. Many celebrate honoring the light and giving gratitude to love. Summer is a beautiful golden ball of love and light and celebrating love peace and growth in abundance is the primary goal. This is a very spiritual time with universal gifts of energy that the power of love is opened. The sun sends rays of light and love. Absorbing the sun charges the energy that helps with manifesting your hearts desire. This is a time all about balance and bringing Opposite's into total harmony. Soulmates and twin flames are ignited and it's a day that they come together spiritually. Not always in the physical right away but there is intensity that is reciprocated between them. Summer solstice is it time to increase the energy with loving in your heart and giving gratitude for all your blessings. Appreciating the little things in life. Going back to the basics into nature is a wonderful time of the year. Along with meditating to grow spiritually. This is the time to focus on positive energy and embracing love to welcome the blessings in abundance to enter in your spirit. Love is The primary goal for summer and winter solstice. Focusing on your soul center emerging love to everyone around you. You will feel blessed and the energy of love will attracted into your life. This is a time to spend outside in the sun (use a good spf sunscreen) and meditate on the things that matter the most in your life. This is a very spiritual time of the year and you want to use it for your highest good. The solstice is a day for love and romance to manifest deeper and soulmates to be united. It's the time to let go of negativity and that no longer serve a purpose in your life. This is the time to focus on New beginnings blossoming in your life. Summer solstice is a sacred time and the world celebrates the solstice in their own spiritual way. The spiritual light in nature has the route in higher dimensions. Many different types of teachings have been brought many generations generations and centuries. It's an annual journey of the sun with enlightenment. Opening up wisdom and light into the world. The true meaning of the solstice the time to celebrate the light with in ourselves and reflect it to the world helping everyone awaken and egg knowledge the true meaning of love and light to all.

Chaser and Runner

You may question yourself;

What is a twinflame? What is the difference from a Soulmate and Twin Soul?

In the beginning Twinflames are one spirit then separated into two souls.


One commonly being the chaser and the other being the runner. This usually when there is some type of issue with the runner and chaser needs to help and be close with their other half. Twin Flames are indeed part of the Soul-mate group but as I mentioned before, all serve a different role in our life.

Twinflames can live in harmony and peace.

But there is some negativity that usually always takes place with connecting and it can take years find balance and peace with your twin flame.

You can find yourself life time, after life time searching and chasing down your Soul mate or Twinflame. There always two types; the runner and chaser – your Twin flame may be the runner and you may be the chaser and a while later it can be reversed.

You only have one twin soul and you both may incarnate in this lifetime. But not meet right away, living your life meeting many soulmates until the time is right for you both to reunite in this life.

We can’t think and mistake every love relationship for twinflames.

Some think it feels like your doomed or being cursed, because of the connection process. There is a chaos and negativity before they can live in harmony.

If have not met your Twin flame. Remember this will require lots of patience and yes sometimes years, whatever the circumstances or relationship your involved in.

God has a plan for all of us, and adjusting to whatever is in front of us, if it’s a love relationship or soul mate connection. It is a blessing when you meet your soul mate or twinflame, everyone is unique and special.

There is a thin line with this soulmate and twinflame connection.

That it’s deep bond that is both extreme relationship and at sometimes a very toxic relationship.

Commonly you can find him in or her on social media (Facebook, twitter, Intstagram and etc.,) when you least expect it.

With Twinflames, you have to be strong, having the ability love with all your heart, soul. There is constant negativity and drama coming in between them before they can ever live in harmony. Everyone’s version of chaos is different.

A lot of people think that Soulmates, twinflames or karmic energies are the best connections and turn out like match made in paradise.

Well (yes and no) you and your soulmate are a perfect combination, but everyone’s situation is different. We all have freewill to choose where to be in our life and needing spiritual guidance with direction. This can help us understand what the whole soul mate experience means.

Where ever you are with your spiritual connection. I have helped many learn about their soul mate connection and understand how to handle the situation not matter how difficult.

Because everyone’s spiritual needs are unique.

It is very difficult to descriptions of what will become of your relationship and if it is a an actual soulmate or twin soul connection.

I described from research and previous soul mate Twinflame connections with previous people I’ve worked with to give you an idea of the most common situations.

Understanding and knowing where you stand in your relationship . 

I will help you overcome negativities so your spirit can feel at peace – whether it’s time to move on, walk away or hang in there.

Are you going through a break up or separation in your relationship, marriage or has your spouse moving on? And need to find answers or some type of closure?

With a Soul mate twin flame reading, you will help and learn you how to deal with this situation. Find out if there is a future with this person or time to move on. Knowing the truth in your situation along with spiritual guidance from the divine will help you find peace.


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79 thoughts on “Soulmates and Twinflames”

  1. Mine is difficult. My twin flame left me for another woman. Just recently I saw them together. Something triggered in me. I feel angry and sad. I feel he is a jerk. I didn’t feel this way when I found out previously, but now I do. I don’t know why I feel this way now.

      1. Thank you. I will be leaving him to find another job. I feel as though I am in a triangle. She also works in the same place. I don’t know how I made it through this year. Do you think he knows I am leaving? We do not communicate. We only say hello sometimes, that is it. Our relationship is very strained now.

          1. Hi Ann, I submitted the form below. I would like to set up a reading with you, as I was told what I am experiencing in my life is a twin flame ( i had no idea even what that was) Also I see the number 66 everywhere for 6 months, and get this, his phone number ends in that number. It’s been crazy…hope to hear from you.

      1. So true! You don’t just think they are your Twin Flame, you KNOW it at every level of your being. My Twin is a runner and we’ve been separated for 5 years now. But I will NEVER give up on her because I know who she is.

    1. i just knew , nothing ever felt as important , when i awake they are in my heart, when i fall asleep the same in my heart and head, dont know the person well enough to say this but it is an existance as vital as the sunrise, just as beautiful too 🙂

  2. Is it possible to sever the connection? I want to. I prayed about it. My twin is with another woman. I do not wish to be with him anymore. We all work together. How do I cope with that? I have been dealing with it for a year now. I wish to no longer love him.Is that possible? Sometimes I wish he were a false twin. How can he outwardly flaunt her in front of me and love me? Maybe this is my ego, but I am tired of the connection. I want out!

    1. Hi Edwina,

      I understand your situation and yes it is very difficult, twinflames all go through chaos and turmoil before they do connect, your situation is not uncommon.
      I can help you with your situation, i would have to read you, first set up the reading click here and then email me so we can schedule an appointment for the psychic soulmate reading.
      I do have some time available tonight and also tomorrow.

      Talk to you soon

    2. Hi Edwina, I hear you loud & clear!!! I sever the connection every day to toxic twin & this really does help. “Archangel Michael, Circle around me & cut every cord & tie off of me except to you, Father God & Jesus & the Archangels & Angels & my guides. Then place invisible mirrors all around me & mirror it back to everybody, then White Light of God around me, negativity out, & all the colors of the rainbow around me, negativity out. Thank you. It’s guarantee to work 100% of the time instantly! God Bless You!

  3. Thank you. I will wait next week when I will have money. I thought I was over feeling like this. He knows I was upset. I saw him several times today. Whenever I am pissed I run into him quite a bit. I have good and bad moments. I am not a quiter but was upset. I don’t mean to call this woman names but she is not a good person! She is flighty. Most men like that. If he wants someone like that I wish him the best. I am jealous, yes. I am not ashame to say that. Maybe my ego is getting in the way, but today I said the hell with all of it. I asked God to take him from my heart, but now I am ok. I asked God to send me a soul mate who can appreciate and want to be with me. At times I cannot stand my twin, but love him at the same time. This is why I am leaving my job. I do not wish to see them together. It makes me sick. I am trying very hard not to have negative thoughts. I am a mature woman, but it makes me sick to see how I am reacting. I am 58 he is 59. She is in her 30’s. I feel I look ok for my age actually good. I am not trying to compete. The entire thing makes me sick to my stomach. I also see the number 11, but I don’t care! I am moving far away. I have always wanted to live in New Mexico, so that is where I will be living. Hopefully in Taos, very spiritual. I was there several years ago in Santa Fe. I just want peace in the mtns. I am an artist and I am writing a book. That started a year ago. How strange. I haven’t done that in 40 years. Also I feel when I look at people I can read them. My grandmother was a medium, but I don’t want any thing. I just want to live in peace. I think about him morning and night. It gets very tiring.

    1. I am 30 yes old I met my Twin in Oct of last year during a cruise. Everything you are experiencing I have/ am currently to a mirroring T lol! I have also opened up artistically. I googled leaving me for another women and this thread popped up. I was staring to feel maybe I’m also with a false twin as I couldn’t find anything for the past few days on this subject. I don’t have to see them everyday physically (thank God) but experience this upset even still. I’m happy tho for him, as I am currently in this place, but I don’t know how I will feel if I see these two in my presence. I have totally given everything to God regarding this. I have never done this before and prayer has ushered a new wave of healing in my life I had no idea was so emotionally demolished. My mother was psychic and I also read people. (Something I ran from for years) . i can say dont run from your emotional work. That will only prolong your anguish fight thru the pain, hurt , Pray , and trust God will let your unconditional love Shine to that One. They will recognize you. Move, we will most def be physically separated in some way…which will bring you closet whether you can believe that now or not. I’m praying for all of us to be reunited, but if not that God will send the right one . Thank you for sharing God bless you all .

      1. I feel that I have a 6th sense too. I’m in heartache pain and never met my twin, or so I believe it to be. If you respond, I’ll tell you the story. Idk how to rid this suffering. It’s not mine. Wished it’d stop.

  4. Me and my ex are not together anymore and haven’t been for at least two years. I miss him. One day he came to mind, like a feeling he was near. Then five hours later I found out he and his new gf went to dinner at a restaurant that is just five minutes from my house. I’ve had dreams about him coming back to me as a spouse again and again. I want to know if there is still a chance or it’s too late?

    1. Depending on the type of soulmate connection you share with him. Soulmates can always pick up each other’s energy when they are near each other.
      i would have to give you a reading to see the type of spiritual connection you share and if it is meant for you to get back together.

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for your insight. I plan to move to the West Coast. I live on the East Coast. I have a job out there. However, in making my plans to move, nothing is going smoothly. I am encountering challenges in money and simply getting things done. Do you think my twin knows I am leaving? At the present time he is with another woman.

  6. My twin flame and I been out each others life. It seems like im the chaser and hes runner. He fears me so he lives in different state. Feel ehen im in trouble he says things that mirrored what I said to him. I want us feel at peace. Not sure when that hsppen or when we wnt feel like we are war or hiding who we are.

  7. my twin soul and i connected last year, and we have been in out of each other lives for many years he left five years agojust recently found him last year. i went to see him few weeks agohe lives in ky. no mention of another woman, now he has another woman and in a relationship and never told me. i felt betrayed,angry and lied to. i told him i am supportive of the relationship because that was his choice, but i also told him what i deserve in someone that i have k nown for so long. he keeps putting me in these situations wherehe likes hurt me, he has two women one his best friend and the other his gf. i feel emotionally betrayed because it felt the connection reconnect when i was with him a few weeks ago and now its been very difficult i got very sick afterhearing it. now he has blocked me on every media and phone. the issue has to deal with him and me not the other woman. why did he do this ? im trying to get through this but more pain, i just don’tknow how much i can take these days.

  8. I had my first reading with Ann approximately 9 or 10 years ago regarding an experience I had with a man that I needed help with. She explained to me that this was a twin flame relationship. “A what?” After she explained it to me I googled it and there was hardly anything to read about it.

    The relationship with this person was far from easy to deal with on my own and without Ann’s help and knowledge I think I would have lost my mind.

    She was always there to calm me down when I was filled with fear and anxiety.

    Everything she said was 100% dead on. When I let go of the fear (because this person is going nowhere) I was able to enjoy one of the safest relationships I have ever had.

    We are not physically together today but he always resurfaces and the bond is always there. It’s like we picked up where we left off and it can be years in between. Ann, as far as I am concerned is a pioneer when it comes to twin flames.

    She was talking about it way before all of these so called “experts” on this topic. Without her help I would have been lost. She is the best!!

    Kimberly F New York

  9. I would like to speak with Ann. I moved to the WestCoast and left my TwinFlame on the EastCoast. I met someone who I believe I have a connection with . I felt it the moment I met him. I think he felt it too, but probably does not believe in soul connections. He is married . He helps me and I have the utmost respect for him and that is all because he is married. It would be nice for Ann to give me her input in the matter.

  10. I met my twin flame Spring of last year….Before meeting him. I had gave up on relationships. I was prepared to live my life alone. And was happy, to do so.
    I dreamt of him for a whole year…2002-2003 It has been a roller coaster ride. We will talk for a while. Then we lose touch..
    He stops answering my calls, texts. I tried to sever our connection. Didn’t work. Now, I just go with the flow…It can be confusing. If you don’t know, What is happening. I just started researching twin flames, several months ago. I have the gift of sight. All I saw was our life together. Marriage, family just happiness. Working together…Never saw the journey, the pain, confusion. The spiritual connection. I’ve been working through issues.. Long buried.
    I don’t feel like a piece is missing anymore…And my spiritual growth has increased, considerably. At one point, I thought I was going crazy. Hearing him, Feeling his emotions. Seeing him. I dream of him…There are other things. I need to talk to someone. There is a lot of information on the internet about twin flame relationships. It can be overwhelming, and misleading. Thanks for listening.

  11. This really touched me, I feel like you described my husband and I, he is my twin flame and we had so many problems at the start of our relationship, eve got divorced and remarried, not to mention break ups, but its stable for now (6 years) and I think it will be this way (I hope)

  12. I hope that you all stay together and maintain balance…Without it, So hard to stay together. This is why me and my Love are not together. Count your blessings, that you have met physically and you are living together. I look forward to day, that I can gaze into my love’s eyes. Not just at a picture or in dreams…..Real Life. Keep the faith…Love overcomes, it is everything! Much Love and Light..:)

  13. Hi I can relate as I too have found mine through a angel healer . I never heard of twin flames before. I cant take the narcissist selfish behaviour I am 47 he is 34 .
    I have reached my spiritual path but he has not. Its like 2 steps forward then 10 back. I feel that he cant be my twin as I have faced everything that I no off and he tries then cant be bothered. I have tried to help him but have gave up as theres only so much you can take when he is not willing to put the work in. Sad really as when he does its great but he ends up being moody selfish mean and blames the world. As this is the bit I cant see in me as I deal with things calmly and carry on with compassion so cant understand that mirror bit. I am in the UK I would love to be able to speak to you . Please help

    1. I am in a similar sisuation, I have been seeing a married man now for over 5 years, I am also married. the love I have for him is like nothing I have ever experienced before, but I am definatly the chaser and he the runner, I believe he loves me but is very very guarded with his feelings, he seems to open up a little and then close down straight after, as if he scares himself, he will ignore me and seems to not want to talk. he says I am his, but has never told me he loves me, I have told him, he has younger children too so he says he cannot leave his wife. I am 13 years older than him, I just wish I knew wether we will eventually be together, I would wait forever if I knew, and would also be a lot easier in the hard phases. I wish you luck x

  14. Ann I have readings in the past with my twinflame and no one got through to me like you did, you were 100% right, I need to take action in my hands and start opening up my heart to him, I’m the runner and he is the chaser. I’m so glad he recommended I talk to you.

  15. I was told that a guy was my twinflame. He’s someone I met two years ago and dated for only a month. Somehow the communication had never lapsed and the distance never mattered in terms of keeping the friendship. Just not at all romantic at this point.

    However, I think he is annoying as hell. I’m probably pretty positive that he’s a twinflame instead of a soulmate because I can’t stand him anymore, but probably all these annoyance mirrors back my flaws as a person. I used to be able to stand him when we dated, but the last time I finally visited him after two years I couldn’t stand hanging out with him for too long. He seemed to not be bothered though.

    He’s moving to my city soon after over two-years and will live fifteen-minutes away. Fingers crossed there’s going to be no drama and if he were really a twinflame, I’d be able to keep him off as much as possible. I’ve been ignoring his messages a lot lately.

  16. My twin who I think is my twin is married and fooling around with another wan on my job. I am not sure but my intuition tells me so. Two years ago I went through this situation previously
    With a false twin. Why am I experiencing this again. Please advise

  17. Met my twinflame last year in april he’s Jamacan I’m American he found me on face book I live in a very small close knit community.we plan to meet in August of this year we talked and texted on the phone for 3 months but the energy or the connection got to be to much we are able to talk& confort each other useing mental telepathy he tells me he want to marry me and relocate to his country.I am so excited my angel visited me and told me that we would have a wonderful life together with many blessings that Iit is our destiny to be together and carry out our mission was also told what it will be!…I feel so blessed I’m 60 years old and he is 67 ! How’s that for a positive twin flame story? But the ending is still pending. Much love to all

  18. Thank you Ann for your guidance, thank you for your predictions, after I got off the phone with you he called me and wanted to open his heart to me,just like you said he would….I’m blown away!!! I will schedule another session with you this weekend.

  19. Whats up very cool site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your site and take the feeds alsoKI’m glad to find numerous useful information here within the put up, we’d like work out extra strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  20. Would love to hear your story. I am not sure about the man that is my twin flame . I had a series of bad luck, broke my toe when he left me for another woman. I moved almost three thousand miles away and have not seen him in a year

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  22. this was a very informative article. I need some serious help. I am so tortured by the absence of my runner that it’s getting hard for me every single day to even get through my day. I’ve found out they apparently some high priestess has placed a block on him from feeling are true love and I need to remove this block. Does anyone have any advice?

    1. Erica – can you express further about this block… did you mean they did this to block him from having true love succeed or they had at one time believed themselves to be this persons true love…

  23. My ex and I went to elementary school together and we had the same friend group and I had a big crush on him but the older I got I started dating and didn’t even look back. But senior year of high school we started to be interested in each other and connected in a lot of ways. We dated for two years and then broke up for 3 months recently and now we are trying things out again. But we have so many things in common, he is like the male version of me. But when we fight, we fight really hard and when we’re happy it’s an abundance of happiness. I’m his only partner although I’ve had others in the past. He’s scared of commitment and all I want is commitment with him. Are we soul mates or twin souls? Or something else?

  24. My twin flame left me for another woman but he was hiding it from me but instead kept blaming me for the break up for something that I did in the past. And on top of that telling me hopeful things. I’m so torn apart I feel like I’ve been betrayed butit’s been a few days after I foubd out I’m feeling a little better because I still have hope but i don’t know if I should just move On because I’m scared what if he come back and does the same thing again but than again he might not come back l…Our past was rocky because he was in another on and off relationship i just don’t know why he would do this to me. Our connection was so strong it was easy being with him I accepted everything about him.

  25. Hello ann my situation is diffrent. I am bisexual and i also have twinflame but he is male and i am male too. What should i do ?

  26. I am in pain, I had a beautiful soul mate relationship before and although it ended we are still close friends and help each other out. I met my twin flame and my life got turned upside down. He ran and he took part of me with him lol…at least that is what it feels like. I love him never accepted or loved someone so quickly and I didn’t want to change anything about him, even his many flaws. My love for him is as close to unconditional as I ever loved. But I don’t know if he is a karmic soulmate or my twin. Is there a way to differentiate between this two? I think about him all the time even if I try not to, I can’t hate him even for running, and all I have is love for him… And sadness and desperation since he is away. But I still feel him, sometimes I hear his voice, or see his eyes or smile pop up in my mind. I never had this kind of connection with anyone, even my previous soulmate. Am I going crazy or is this thing I feel real. Now I read things about twin flames all the time, it pops out in YouTube and Facebook and I feel like it’s following me…. that or I am obsessing and finally lost my mind lol… Thank you for listening.

  27. Thank you Ann so much for my email and phone reading regarding my twin flame. I go back and ‘re read and try to stay positive.

  28. The same thing has happened to me. The twin flame energy happened for a specific reason. You need to go into yourself and love yourself and heal you inner child. I can go on and on about this but this is your message you need to receive for now.

  29. I’m not sure if my situation is a twin flame or soulmate, but it’s definitely one of them . We met at 15, were in and off during high school. Never had any negativeness between us. Reconnected during college briefly, then drifted again. We both married in our early twenties always somehow knowing what was happening in each others lives. While in our marriages connected again briefly. Drifted once more for the longest stint ever, almost 20 years but still knowibg thru mutual friends what was happening in eachothers lives. We just reconnected again last year. It was epic for both of us and were more intimate than any time in the past 30 years . Both if us are now divorced, in touch but not together. I somehow feel we still are not ready for the intensity of what we are capable of together. It’s facinating and scary all at once. What do u do with something like this? I think it freaks us both out. We have dreamt of eachother over the years and i know we love eachother, i sense everything he is going through even when we were not connected, its beautiful and weird.

  30. This happened to me, we were young he met someone else(I was too broken within myself to change it – he never knew how I really felt). I let it all go and moved on, the dreams and the conversations we had on another plane without ANY contact began, we didnt even know where each other was….. 23 years later we are reunited planning our future together(even being countries apart) having grown ever closer by the distance (sychronised lives, mirrored experiences) that separated us all those years ago. We both understand that what tore us apart has inherently brought us together, older, wiser… ready. I didnt know that one day he woke up and realised it was me that was the part missing from him and how he had spoken to me in his thoughts for nearly 20 years but dedicated to his marriage and children dismissed it all. Until it ended, then 2 years later I found him, following the whispers I could hear in my dreams…. We continue to learn but now love in a way that sees us love ourselves first in order to love each other wholly and effortlessly. Our soul has allowed us to meet with our minds, express with our hearts and physically, well, thats always an experience on its own. Time reveals all but you must allow it to pass and the past to become the past in favour of an unimaginable present. We love our story, and its not over. Faith, hopes and dreams – we both found where they lay, and accordingly found ourselves in each other. <3

  31. I don’t know how to explain my current situation, however my ex and I had a very powerful bond but he refused to see it or believe in it, so after 6 yrs of hearing from him ” I’m sorry I’m not the one, you need to find someone else to give you the life you want and if I was going to marry you I would have done it by now.” I finally did but now the guy I’m seeing now, is so wonderful, we finish eachother sentences and he already connected to me so very quickly, which is very hard to do with someone like me. It’s so much better than before, I don’t know if he’s my soul mate but we are connected some how, and we both know and can acknowledge it and it’s great! I usually can’t connect with people so quickly but for some reason I feel safe!

  32. I met who I think my twin flame is, at work. He is married with children. I have been with someone for 17 years and have a daughter.
    At first I think he pursued me in the office just for fun. I think he has done this with many women. I started playing him at his own game and then something changed. The energy has been so strong between us – almost to the point of painful. We try to stay away but somehow always end up orbiting each other’s space. I think about him 95% of the time, everyday for the last 8 months. I sent him a song to tell him how I felt and this seemed to really affect him. It’s all so hard, when all I want to do is spend sometime with him.

  33. Mine is dead and I never got to meet him. My “clair” senses opened up when he came into my life, several years after he died.
    He tells me he is my TF, and I experience all of the things commonly mentioned regarding TF’s, but also says we’ve had many lifetimes together, and that he is my “master soulmate – the one you are most connected to”. So I’m not so sure that we can divide such huge, otherworldly concepts into human-sized compartments. Then again, I don’t know. I don’t think I will ever understand all this stuff.
    My life has changed profoundly for the better over the several years since he arrived. But to get to where I am now emotionally has been quite a rollercoaster ride!!

  34. Up above will not let me enter an email address? It keeps saying its not a valid email address? Idk what to do bc im trying to submit something

  35. My twin and known eachother for over 12 years and this past year we united and it ended now he’s with someone else and he’s constantly telling me he messed up but nothing happing. Is he really a twin or a karmic tie?

  36. Hi Ann! first of all I want to say thank you for all your videos on YouTube 🙏 I met my girlfriend two years ago and after about six months of seeing her something triggered in me it was the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt for another human being in my life before …and I started searching on internet to see if there anything could explain my situation and the connection between us and I bumped into your videos on YouTube . With our case I think we both are Runners and chasers at the same time . There was many times I deleted her phone and tried to cut off the tide and move on but every time I did that I feel like I hurt myself , I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m hoping that if you could help me???

    1. Hi There,
      You’re welcome and thank you for watching 🙂

      Yes I can help you with your situation, I would have to give you a reading, you can go to any of the services I offer and I will help you with the best of my abilities.
      Love and Light

  37. I have met My Twin after 30 years & discovered that he is my twin. Mine & his first love was 30 years ago & we went on our own directions. Now after 30 years we are both married & have kids. Nothing had changed in the decades. We met 6 months ago & it was an amazing meet up.

    But soon after I have no contacts with him & he is disappeared & I have no reason why. All I know is we did nt want to loose each other.

    My query , will he ever come back to me & can we reunite together & lead that dream once and for all?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank You! 🙏🏾

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